Review: Lankum :: False Lankum

An Irish folk album, but what an album! For more than 20 years, initially under the name Lynched, since 2017 as Lankum, these four people from Dublin have been showing how the full-bearded genre can also be played. Namely loud and powerful, booming and pulsating. In 2019 Lankum had released their first masterpiece with THE LIVELONG DAY, on the song “The Pride Of Petravore” the old Pogues hero Spider Stacy played his tin flute, but it didn’t sound like the Guinness bar here, but like the devil’s whistle.


With FALSE LANKUM, Lankum are now continuing on their way: The ride to the dark side of the traditionals begins with “Go Dig My Grave”, singer Radie Peat is drawn straight into her own grave, the three male voices accompany her, at the end the fiddle plays to the dance of death. But Lankum don’t just rule the gloom: “Clear Away In The Morning” floats away at first light, sounding like a folk version of Slowdive’s shoegaze luxuries.

And with “Master Crowley’s” there is even an instrumental set with Irish dances, but played according to Lankum rules: in between, the gates of hell open, it roars and rumbles, smells not like a pub but like heavy industry. What an intense and beguiling variety of Irish folk!


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