Review: Donots :: Today is a good day



The donuts are back. The last real album was released before the pandemic began. The opener of their new album HEUT IS EIN GUTER TAG is called “Here with roar”. But the roar stops. They’ve stayed true to punk rock, no question, but the noise is waning. “We have nine lives, we land on four paws” and “Cheer up at the guillotine!”, Ingo Knollmann encourages us on the microphone, but between softly mixed guitars and slower beats it sounds less enthusiastic.


But the sound is there: a rough smoker’s voice, cranked amps, the energetic playing style of his brother Guido and Alex Siedenbiedel. “It Only Hurts When I Laugh”, “Finally Somewhere” and “1.21 Gigawatts” didn’t disappoint anyone in the Circle Pit. “Apocalypse standing room interior” on the other hand does not live up to what the name promises. It is also politically important. Describing themselves with a self-critical wink as “radical passivists” who stay away from a demo with a guilty conscience because of the rain, the Donots wish for the end of the world in major chords, which shakes humanity awake.

Hope dies last; Dance on the volcano until it cracks. It just doesn’t work properly. HEUT IS EIN GUTER TAG sounds more melodic, slouchy, more road trippy than the usual Donots fare. A bit unfortunate. But big but: today is a good day after all. Progressiveness means looking ahead, celebrating even the smallest victories, fighting on. Feel-good punk, why not? A CDU voter who thinks punk has to stay nihilistic and rough. Perhaps the time of crisis needs the exact opposite. The Donots might have thought something like this when they wrote this album. They’re probably right.


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