Review: Crystal Glass :: I’melting



Food – really? Not maybe LA? Or Melbourne? The origin of Marvin Ändra alias Crystal Glass is a bit irritating when he sends his first funky guitar riff out of the loudspeaker like a ray of sunshine and whispers a cuddly “Wooooooo” afterwards. You immediately melt away – because of I’MELTING – like ice in the sunshine.

For his self-recorded debut, Ändra allowed himself to be kissed by Kevin Parker’s (Tame Impala) muse: on technicolor colored layers of guitar effects and extraterrestial synthesizers, the early twenties surfs through his own emotional world, melancholy follows the “Nocturnal Thought Bus”, dances ” High On Roses” on synth-pop cloud 7 or rushes into nothingness on a mighty riff in “Void” over the space-rock ramp.

When he’s not letting off steam in atmospheric instrumental sketches. This creates a successful balancing act between irradiation and catchyness on the dance floor and lava lamp. And by the time the dystopian, herb-rocking “The Future” comes around, Ändra has one foot in Düsseldorf. It’s not far to Essen.


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