M.ilano is a true paradise for gourmets. Every season new openings of premises, always great attention to the taste and variety of the offer. Here are five proposals for restaurants in Milan that satisfy the curiosity of those who love regional, ethnic and even international cuisine. Between innovation, tradition and some nice surprises.

    Trip to Puglia

    The chefs Antonella Ricci and Vinod Sookar of the Ristorante Ricci Osteria. Photo Benedetta Bassanelli

    via Sottocorno 27, ricciosteria.it

    The formula. It is a metropolitan tavern, but with the signature (and the care, and the creativity) of a starred chef. Antonella Ricci, with her husband Vinod Sookar, exports the flavors and colors of her land from Ceglie Messapica, home of the historic restaurant, in Milan. RicciOsteria flies the Apulian flag. High-quality raw materials, menu that is a tribute to the territory, interior design of a charming farmhouse: tea towels, sieves, designer ceramics. And the lights of the holidays. Mediterranean charm.

    The main dish. Orecchiette with remilled semolina handmade and seasoned with the three Regina, Tombolone and Fiaschetto tomatoes. And the “Sole di Puglia” (mixed hot and cold appetizers, second market: fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta; capocollo and cow’s milk cheeses; frisella with cherry tomatoes; eggplant parmigiana, green olives and artichokes in oil , but also the fleshy olives of Cerignola or the spaccatelle with strong ricotta and dried tomato peel).

    Super specialty. Two signature recipes that Antonella and Vinod wanted to include in the menu, to let those who have never been to dinner in Ceglie taste them: “Ricotta drops wrapped in semolina, courgette pesto, crispy bacon and black truffle”, a dish created in 2002 by Antonella Ricci and “Il Mojito di Vinod”, a frozen Mojito with mint and lime infusion, but without ice, cocktail created by Vinod Sookar in 2006.

    Restaurants in Milan: Japanese experience

    The Wabi restaurant in Milan.


    Via Carlo de Cristoforis 2, wabyrestaurant.it

    The formula. A step away from the nightlife of Corso Como, a new international Asian restaurant that never closes. His name, Wabi, celebrates the Wabi Sabi, a very Japanese concept that contemplates the “imperfect beauty”, that of the Lotus Flower of the logo. Three rooms. In the main one, the elevated sushi counter, with an evanescent and artfully lit shade, emphasizes the care taken in the preparation of food. Petrol blue place settings add a touch of metropolitan elegance. The owner Matteo Zhu, a young Chinese entrepreneur born in Biella from a catering business family, supervises everything, even the food.

    Ikebana Therapy: the ancient Japanese art of mindfulness with flowers

    The main dish. Super quality raw material (Balfegò bluefin tuna, Kaluga Amur caviar, Tamanishiki Japanese rice, Iberian ham Pata Negra 5 J…). Among the starters, the Samurai stick (Shrimp Finger with edamame wrapped in crunchy pasta with spicy sauce), the Carpacci seasoned in different ways; the rich Gunkan, Sushi, Sashimi, Cirashi and Uramaki including the best-selling Hotate Jalapeno (scallop tartare with crunchy tempura, truffle mayonnaise, jalapeno dressing) and Hamachi jalapeno (Amberjack, avocado and jalapeno). Finally, the repertoire of Dim Sum, Noodles and Tempura.

    Super specialty. La Robata, which means “hearth”, or the Japanese charcoal cooking technique: a tradition that is not very ancient but undoubtedly popular and provincial, here proposed in versions of fine meat (including Wagyu) and fish (lobster) but also vegetarian (asparagus, wafu and sesame sauce). The sake? 120 labels!

    Latin spirit: Colombia in Milan

    The Mitù restaurant in Milan

    MITU ‘

    Via Panfilo Castaldi 28, mitu-restaurant.com

    The formula. Cheerful colors, craftsmanship, magnificent straw seats. Design and spirit of Colombia in the heart of Milan. Mitú takes its name from a small town on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, whose spirit is embodied by the logo jaguar.

    The main dish. The recipes of the creative chef, Alvaro Clavijo, seventh in the ranking of Latin America’s 50 Best (and, alongside him, the Spanish Josè Narbona Rodriguez), are a gastronomic journey of unique flavors and tastes, between tradition and innovation. From Rice with coconut and prawns to Pusandao of fish, yam, plantain and yuca, to Suprema of grilled chicken, camote, corn and tamarind. To taste: Tamal with maduro plantain and chanterelles, crispy crab and lime and horseradish mayonnaise, aji di tomate de arbol Chicharrones and guayaba. Among the starters, also sophisticated proposals such as organic egg, mandioca mousse, porcini mushrooms and corn crumble or oysters, oyster mousse and wakame powder.

    Super specialty. Tuna Sashimi, coconut milk and citrus, herbs and amaranth.

    Restaurants in Milan: author sustainability

    The Horto restaurant in Milan. Photo Mattia Parodi.


    via Via S. Protaso 5, hortorestaurant.com

    The formula. In the heart of the metropolis, on the roof of The Medelan, a very modern real estate complex, a truly special place. On the elegant terrace under the Madonnina, the “climbing” apple trees alternate with micro green flower beds. The cuisine is handled by chefs Stefano Ferraro, Alberto Toè and a brigade of young people from experiences with the three-star South Tyrolean chef Norbert Niederkofler (from the restaurant “St. Hubertus” in San Cassiano, in the province of Bolzano), guarantor of the project, with great attention to ethics and sustainability. Horto selects seasonal raw materials and involves the “Lombard gardens”: farms, dairies and farmers no more than an hour away.

    The main dish. Sole, Horto’s bistro, is open during the day with an à la carte menu proposal, “Awakening”. In the evening, “Savoring” is Horto’s five-course tasting menu (145 euros), “Knowing” the seven-course one (195 euros). Wine pairing (75 euros).

    Metropolitan vision

    The Mi View restaurant in Milan. Photo Maffione


    viale Achille Papa 30, miview.it

    The formula. It is not a brand new venue, but with its metropolitan lifestyle it has just been included in the Michelin Guide recommendations. Mi-View dominates the whole city, on the twentieth floor of the World Join Center, in the Portello area, with a special view on the futuristic districts of City Life and Porta Nuova and on the Milanese symbols of all time, from the Duomo to the Branca Tower.

    The main dish. The Executive Chef Cristian Spagnoli proposes a traditional cuisine: a multisensory journey in crescendo of tastes, scents and colors. From “Smoked Spaghetti 4P” (four varieties of tomato) to “L’altra costata”, Poached cooked beef fillet, hints of yogurt, Breme onion puree and sweet chilli, to “Sicily-Tokyo, round trip”, almond milk ice cream, sake, juniper and almond gel. Furthermore, from 7 to 20 October 2022 it will be possible to book to taste the “Menu del Sorriso” by Zafferano 3 Cuochi and the Italian Diagnostic Center with Identità Golose. A thematic path aimed at the creation of dishes with saffron as the main ingredient, rich in beneficial properties ideal for the health of body and mind.

    Super specialty. “Ricci in testa”, Spaghetto “wrapped” Morelli, sea urchins, head of veal and chocolate grue and “Round of pearls”, Oyster Belon, Coca Cola sorbet and popcorn sauce.