Report on secret meetings with Tönnies

At FC Schalke 04 there is currently a high level of alarm because the Royal Blues are in a precarious sporting situation and the specter of relegation to the 3rd league is looming large. The Knappen’s most important sponsors have also noticed this and have now expressed their concerns in a secret meeting. Right in the middle: the controversial former club boss Clemens Tönnies.

In the middle of the rumors that have been simmering for weeks and months about an opposition operating in the background around the former supervisory board boss Clemens Tönnies, which wants to turn FC Schalke 04 inside out and in this way save it from relegation, a “Bild” report is now making a report the round after that same Tönnies communicated his concerns about the current situation at S04 to the current supervisory board boss Axel Hefer and the prospective CEO Matthias Tillmann.

According to information from “Bild”, there was a meeting of several important sponsors of FC Schalke 04 on Friday morning at the Arnsberg headquarters of the company Trilux, which the paper described as a “secret summit”.

Why Trilux? The round of the Revierklub’s most important donors was hosted by Michael Huber, who represented the Veltins brewery, which currently adorns the Royal Blues’ jersey with its lettering and has given the arena its name for years. Because Huber is also active for Trilux, they apparently met in Arnsberg.

In addition to the Veltins general representative, those responsible from Stölting, Hagedorn and HRS, who sponsor the training clothing, were also present. And of course the aforementioned Clemens Tönnies, who supports his heart club through the Böklunder company.

FC Schalke 04: Next “secret summit” already planned

The sponsor quintet is said to have asked Hefer and Tillmann together what the plans were for the club, which has been financially strapped for a long time and has been tumbling through the league in terms of sport since being relegated. In addition to the question of how the duo specifically wants to save Schalke, the sponsors are also said to have made their own suggestions.

In addition, according to the “Bild” report, another meeting is planned.