René van der Gijp is a VI star with the least speaking time: ‘Ten percent!’

René van der Gijp is the Today Inside star who speaks by far the least, according to data from VI expert Victor Vlam. “Who talks the most? Johan Derksen with 30 percent.”


The well-known media expert Victor Vlam, who specializes in the TV program Today Inside, has examined an episode of the talk show with the help of artificial intelligence. In this way he was able to calculate exactly how many minutes the men at the table spend speaking and how that relates to each other.

Johan most often

Who talks by far the most? “What I found interesting is that Johan Derksen speaks 30 percent of the time. You have five speakers in that program and you also have some starters, so if it was all distributed perfectly fairly, he would speak less than 20 percent of the time,” says Victor in the podcast The Communicados.

He continues: “But he is at 30 percent and that shows how important Johan Derksen is for that program. He was also absent for a day last week. Then you immediately see: it is a completely different program. Without Johan it is completely and completely different. He is really crucial to that program.”

Gibe the least

And René van der Gijp? “He speaks the least, because he only spoke 10 percent of the time during that broadcast and also a lot of short comments in between. He is very fond of witty comments, with funny comments here and there.”

In fact, René often says very little, according to Victor. “A lot of short one-liners in between, but he spent the least amount of time speaking of everyone, of the five people.”

Not unimportant

Does that short speaking time make René more redeemable? No, says Victor. “I don’t think that means that he is unimportant to the program, because his laughter, which is often audible in the background, especially when he has made a joke himself, naturally contributes to the extremely good atmosphere there.”

“So I think he is crucial to the program in his own right. But he really speaks considerably less than the rest.”