René van der Gijp bashes ex-mistress Theo: ‘Stuck fucked in the ass!’

René van der Gijp, who, according to Wilfred Genee, has a ‘special bond’ with Theo Maassen, opens the attack on his ex-mistress Angela Degener. “Maybe she got fucked in the ass!”

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It may not be the wisest decision from a PR perspective for Angela Degener: she has started a podcast series about the alleged domestic violence by Theo Maassen. She had an affair with the comedian, was then approached by his wife Joyce and they subsequently built up a quite intimate bond of trust with each other.

Broken nose

That bond led to a chat conversation of 125,000 words, in which Joyce indicated that she was a victim of domestic violence and that he broke her nose. Angela witnessed domestic violence in her youth and decided to go to the weekly magazine Privé as a whistleblower in this case – with the knowledge of Joyce.

Theo seems to be getting away with it for the time being: he has allies like Johan Derksen, does not even feel called to respond and employers BNNVARA and VPRO are holding on to him. Why does everyone dismiss Joyce’s statement so easily? Because she suddenly denies after the media fuss? It causes a lot of resentment for Angela…


It seems that Angela is becoming increasingly fanatical in her search for justice, but her podcast series is now leading to an increasingly loud recrimination. You may wonder to what extent resentment is even the problem in this matter – after all, that still seems to be the alleged domestic violence – but it does not help.

Johan Derksen, Theo’s most fanatical ally, decided to tackle Angela again last night Today Inside. “Wilfred, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss one of my pet peeves. It is that lady who threw Theo Maassen under the bus. He is now starting a series of podcasts.”


Angela is clearly on a mission to slaughter Theo, Johan snorts. “Now let that lady say it! Should it be destroyed? Should he be banned from theaters for life? Will he never be allowed on TV again? Does he have to die? Now let them say it! Does he need to be damaged even more like she already has?”

Wilfred Genee, who thinks Theo is guilty, is now starting to have mixed feelings about Angela. “Well, I have to be honest: when I heard about that podcast, I also thought: now it has gone very far.”

‘She’s hysterical’

That is also the case, according to Johan. “She’s hysterical. It’s an obsession for her.”

Wilfred: “It looks a bit like that.”

Johan: “Let them, just like with Theo, seduce another married guy and let her fuck. She is no good!”

Wilfred: “Is this necessary?”

Johan: “Of course that’s not necessary, but she can’t get enough of it.”

‘In her ass’

René van der Gijp, who, according to Wilfred Genee, has a ‘special bond’ with Theo and has drinks with him at least once a year, then comes out very nasty about Angela: “Maybe Theo has her very gently in the I f**ked once.”

Wilfred: “What is this again man?!”

René screeching: “Yes, that was completely wrong!”

In other words: again the resentful accusation, but in the sexist VI form. That podcast series is clearly not useful from a PR point of view, but Theo’s continued silence obviously deserves real outrage…