René van der Gijp opens the attack on Andy van der Meijde, his successor in Veronica’s football talk show. “He should watch Monday’s broadcast again. Really so k*t!”

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    Wilfred Genee didn’t know what to do last night in Today Inside when his TV colleagues Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp started to hack into Andy van der Meijde. As a football analyst in Veronica Offside, the successor to Veronica Inside, Andy is Wilfred’s brand new colleague.

    Andy happy with TV job

    It’s great for Andy that he can now play football analyst on television. “I seriously want to make that my future. As a profession, as work, although it doesn’t feel that way,” says the footballer in the AD.

    He is very confident that he can become a kind of new Johan or René. “I read a lot and watch everything because I want to know what I’m talking about. I have stories, jokes and pranks, but I also want to give my opinion. Why is it played badly? Why is Blind at left back if he is good in the build-up?”

    ‘It’s really really c*t’

    René van der Gijp is not convinced. He doesn’t believe in Andy’s TV qualities. “I think he looks a bit like Gert Jakobs. Well, in his manner. He also said in the newspaper today that he wants to make TV his profession. Well, then he should watch Monday’s program again. What you made with him. It was very, very c*t.”

    Wilfred uncomfortably: “Yeah, it can’t be good every broadcast.”

    Pulling cart

    René thinks Andy is failing. “I know that. It can’t be very good very often, but then he has to sit in it differently, I think. Then you have to try to pull the cart a little bit now and then when you notice that it comes to a standstill.”

    Wilfred: “Yeah, but he hasn’t been doing it that long and I think he’s made some really good broadcasts. It can’t be a party every time.”

    ‘With all due respect’

    Johan Derksen is especially annoyed that Andy and his wife Melisa have spoken out against corona vaccines in RTL Boulevard. “Then I think: with all due respect to Andy and his wife… It’s ridiculous that they get the space for that, isn’t it? I think there are still a lot of people who think: yes, Andy says it too!”

    He thinks Boulevard is blundering by letting these types of people speak. “No backlash, eh? If the medical world says you can do better and the medical world says you can’t… I think it’s quite something to broadcast that as a program with a smiling presenter who thinks it’s all fine.”

    René: “Do you have the idea that Andy van der Meijde has an exemplary function? I don’t think so at all.”