Remove these apps from your phone immediately

Several Android apps contain deceptive malware.

Malware has been found in Android applications again. All Over Press

The technology website Bleeping Computer warns about the findings of the information security company Threatfabric.

It says that it has found the Anatsa malware, which is a so-called banking trojan, in five Android applications. It is known to be able to even steal money through infected devices and transfer funds to hackers.

Anatsa is said to have infected phones more actively than usual since November. The applications have been downloaded an estimated 200,000 times.

The PDF readers and cleaning applications found below have been removed from the Google Play Store, except for the application called PDF Reader. Others from other Android app stores may still be available for download. If you find one of these applications on your phone, you should delete it immediately.

According to Threatfabric, the cleaning applications listed below may have done what they promised until a later distributed update version contained the malware.

Android applications containing the Anatsa malware

  • Phone Cleaner – File Explorer
  • PDF Viewer – File Explorer
  • PDF Reader – Viewer & Editor
  • Phone Cleaner: File Explorer
  • PDF Reader: File Manager

Sources: Bleeping Computer, Threatfabric

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