After the ‘constructive consultation’ with LTO Nederland, new agreements have been made when nitrogen mediator Johan Remkes enters into discussions with nature and environmental organisations, individual farmers and other companies.

    Next week, Remkes will sit down with nature and environmental organizations about the government’s nitrogen approach. Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Natuur en Milieu, Natuurmonumenten and Mobilization for the Environment have already indicated that they do not want to improve on the targets set.

    For example, Greenpeace says it does not want to negotiate the goal of halving nitrogen emissions by 2030. “If this is tampered with, for example by postponing it to 2035 or by lowering the target to 40 percent, the conversation will immediately end and we will go to court. The 2030 target is sacred, natural species in the Netherlands are already on the verge of falling. “says director Andy Palmen.

    Remkes has also planned talks with individual farmers, banks and so-called chain organisations, such as the Central Food Trade Agency. They will also be delivered next week.

    FrieslandCampina, one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world, declined Remkes’ invitation. “We have informed Mr Remkes that we will not accept this invitation and that these discussions will primarily be left to the advocacy in agriculture,” the company said.

    On Monday, August 22, Remkes will talk to representatives of provinces and municipalities. Later that week, he will probably have a second meeting with agricultural organizations, including LTO Nederland, but that meeting has not yet been scheduled.