Remember these Putous drugs?

Many Putous stars have made money with their sketch characters. Antsku also took a stab at selling Rosso’s pasta dish and mixed all of Imatra.

Antsku or Jussi Vatanen mixed Imatra in 2014. Matti Matikainen

Putousi’s sketch character competition was supposed to be just a parody of reality shows, where someone always gets the starting passes. TV viewers took the competition seriously and the characters got even more screen time. During the 14 seasons of Putousi, the sketch character competition has risen to a significant role and the characters and their jokes have melted the hearts of Finns.

Many Actors have made money with their Putous characters in the form of appearances, products, TV shows and even gambling. The characters have become the front pictures of tourism marketing and received great support from their “home places”. Spectacular golden parties have been held for the Putous characters both in Imatra and in Pori.

Do you remember these legendary Putous characters that Finns fell in love with?

Sea buckthorn berry

The first ever winner of the sketch character competition is Aku Hirviniemi’s Marja Tyrni. The widow from Pallivaha in Turku was crowned the winner in 2010, in the first Putous season.

Tyrni, who enjoys baking, also published a baking book. In addition, she was seen in several TV shows, such as Marja Tyrn’s Christmas Show, which bears the character’s name. Turni also became a recording artist.

Later, the Slot Machine Association released a slot game based on the character, Marja Tyrn’s Egg Bell.

Marja Tyrni performing at Down by the Laituri festivals in 2010. RONI LETHI


Riku Nieminen created by Munamies melted the hearts of Finns in 2011 in the second production season of Putous. The egg man won the sketch character competition.

The character known for his phrase “small egg, big soul” was as round as an egg, which is why the character’s style of movement required strong thigh muscles from Niemis.

Munamies also recorded and the character’s albums crossed the gold mark. Nieminen received many job offers as Munamiehi.

Nieminen told Iltalehti in an interview with Susanne Päivärinna in 2019 that with the character’s popularity and the Putous format, he has not had to think about whether he has bread on the table.

Later, Nieminen refused the Munamies gigs and wanted to focus on other work.

Munamies visiting Ilmajoki Munaka. JUSSI BLUEBERRY COUNTRY

In honor of Munamie, a folk festival was organized in the character’s “home village” in Munaka, Ilmajoki. JUSSI BLUEBERRY COUNTRY

In an interview with Susanne Päivärinna in 2019, Riku Nieminen told how Munamies changed his life completely. He said that nowadays he refuses to play the character.

Timo Harjakainen

The character of Aku Hirviniemi, Timo Harjakainen, came second, while Munamies won the sketch character competition. Supervising construction foreman Timo Harjakainen impressed Finnish TV viewers with his boisterous antics, which could also go “to the company’s thorn”!

Hirviniemi made a lot of appearances as Harjakaisen and also performed among other things Tiina Lymin scripted in the TV series Unfairnesses. Harjakainen also performed Harjakainen & in the Piisinen talkoot program Jorma Piisinen i.e. with “Remontti-Reiska”.

Harjakainen was also immortalized on a postage stamp, when six Finnish actors received their own stamps in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Actors’ Association in 2013.

Timo Harjakainen took to the stage at the gold party when Finland had won the ice hockey world championship in 2011. Matti Matikainen


Imatra was confused when Antsku won the 2014 sketch character competition. Thousands of people were waiting Jussi Vatanen created by Antskua for the victory celebration.

Antsku, a housewife from Imatra, told the program that her favorite dish is Imatra Rosso and her favorite dish is pasta carbonara. Rosso was filled with fans wearing Antsku sweaters on the final night.

The chain restaurant was grateful to Antsku anyway: Carbonara sales had tripled. In addition to food sales, the restaurant also sold Antsku mugs, lip gloss, beanies and drinks.

“Mie romahan” – The Putous character Antsku became very popular in Imatra. Matti Matikainen

Pasi Strait

Also by Joonas Nordman the character Salme Pasi became very popular, not least in his hometown Pori.

The winning character of the sixth season, the union squirrel from Pori, the AY rodent and the chief steward of Kemira, received a great reception at the market party organized for him. Salme Pasi drove to the place in a limousine.

“The little soft ones are busy!”, the beloved squirrel man shouted to his audience.

Pori city manager Aino-Maija Luukkonen was also in front of Salme Pas. Joonas Nordman’s Couples Relationship Advice videos on Pori city channels have been a big hit this year. The character played by Nordman is based on the mayor Luukkosen.

Salme Pasi has charmed both children and adults and performed both in Linnanmäki and at company events.

The mayor of Pori, Aino-Maija Luukkonen, was also in front of the character. JUHA-VELI JOKINEN

An ay squirrel from Salme Pas was frolicking in Pori. Such was a fun homecoming party.

Tanhu ball

Kiti Kokkonen’s Tanhupallo was introduced in the ninth season of Putous in 2018. After winning the character competition, Tanhupallo has also become a writer, among other things.

The character’s name has been published Tanhupallo’s Christmas book and Tanhupallo craft book (Docendo).

Tanhupallo also got his own program on the MTV3 channel, where the character discussed current topics in his sweet style. The guest was in the first episode Vesa-Matti Loiri, who is also Kokkonen’s godfather. Many well-known faces from the public, politicians, actors and athletes were seen as guests of Tanhupallo.

Kiti Kokkonen is Tanhupallo. MATTI MATIKAINEN

Tanhupallo tells about his own program.

Many other Putous characters have also done gigs.

Folke Rundqvist (Dennis Nylund), Urmas Viilunk (Mikko Töyssy), Nöpö-Felix (Christoffer Strandberg), Ansa Kynttilä (Ernest Lawson), Taika-Pasi (Mikko Penttilä), Leena Hefner (Armi Toivanen), Usko Eevert Luttinen (Aku Hirviniemi) and Aina Inkeri Ankeinen (Pilvi Hämäläinen).