Remarkable statements from Beşiktaş’s net keeper Mert Günok in the National Team camp!

Returning to the National Team, Mert Günok made statements to the press before the matches between Armenia and Croatia.

Mert Günok said, “Last year was not an easy year. I had a serious injury shortly after my transfer to Beşiktaş. It was the first time in my career that I had such a severe injury. Football has these. It is important to get up from the ground. I believed that I would come here again in line with my goals. “After I started playing, we had a meeting with Kuntz. He was always interested in my performance. We are here again. We are at the beginning of an important road. I hope the finals will be the end.” he said.

The national net keeper added, “There may be different opinions and conversations about the match we will play with Armenia, but we always want to stay on the field, play our match and win. Then a more challenging Croatia match awaits us. The beginnings are always important. We did it with the player, I believe we will do it again. As a team, our target is Germany.” he continued.

Reminding that he is one of the experienced names in the team, the 34-year-old goalkeeper said, “There are very valuable, quality, high-level players playing abroad. I do not see myself as very big. I am one of them. We managed to participate in 2020 with many players here. We are still able to do this. Now there are more experienced and mature players. Our young friends are talented and qualified players. I believe our path will be good.” said.

Experienced football player, “In the last 5-6 years, Turkish goalkeeping has come a long way. There are very valuable goalkeepers. They are still coming from the bottom. We are also in this competition. This competition will also benefit the Turkish National Team. This is where every goalkeeper wants to be, number 1 here. We are all working in this direction.” made its assessment.

Finally, Mert Günok said, “Senol Güneş said that he thought I would be called before the lineup was announced. I started playing after he came. He contributed to my being here. We had such a meeting with our teacher. I hope we start and finish in a good way.” made a statement.