Reetta Hurske overcame Eugene’s disappointment and ran a long time in the final of the Kaleva Games.

    Reetta Hurske won the Finnish 100-meter hurdles championship several times in a row on Saturday.

    The gold came with a time of 12.87. It is Hurskee’s best of the season, but the tailwind blew at 3.1 meters per second in the final. The result is therefore not statistically valid.

    – In the beginning, it was a little surprising that there was so much wind. I had to do a lot of work. In the final, I knew how to prepare for the fact that I would have to stitch tightly in between. It doesn’t get better to push as much as you’re used to. I just let go, says Hurske.

    21-year-old Jessica Kähärä won silver with a time of 13.33. A year older Saara Keskitalo took bronze (13.72).

    – Young people are coming hard from behind. It warms you up, Hurske praises.

    – I am satisfied that I was able to defend the championship. The time was reasonable.

    Hurske was the only one of the star guards who competed in Joensuu.

    SE woman Annimari Korte announced in July that his season is over, as he has not recovered from two cases of the coronavirus. Nooralotta Nezirin the season ended with heel surgery.

    – It’s unfortunate that racing sisters have a lot of injuries, corona and other things. It teaches me to live in the moment and enjoy healthy days. Of the races I can run. Hopefully everyone will be on the line next summer, Hurske expects.

    Disappointment over

    Reetta Hurske won the Finnish championship. Mikko Lieri/AOP

    In July, Hurske advanced to the semi-finals at the World Championships in Eugene with a time of 13.09. When the final places were decided, the Finnish star rattled the eighth fence and faltered.

    The result of 13.15 was the worst of the season. It didn’t make it to the finals. Hurske was disappointed with his performance.

    In the Kaleva Games in Joensuu, the disappointment was chewed.

    – I have been able to do a few good workouts in between. I feel like I’m slowly starting to recover. The gaze has already been moved forward. You can’t stay and worry about how it went there.

    Hurske will next compete in the European Championships in Munich. The batch phase of fences will be run on Saturday, August 20.

    Tampere’s Pyrinnö rower expects that the Kaleva Games result of 12.87 would go against the wind. My record is 12.78 run in the summer of 2019.

    – I still expect a record run from Munich.