Reeo is a recent Big Brother winner.

    Reeo won Big Brother.

    Ree has won this season’s Big Brother.

    – Jeeynghhh, Reeo roared out loud immediately after his victory.

    – I guess you’re not scared, Reeo asked Laura about her loud roar.

    Laura finished second.

    After his win, Reeo was left alone in the BB house for a while.

    – Rock n’ roll, Faija Reeo said.

    Father of two Reeo, 49, is a barefoot Stadioner who many may remember from the band Panic IC.

    Reeo received 58.7 percent of the votes, Laura 41.3 percent.

    – Of course, it feels damn good. They asked if I was ready to play. I played through the game, Reeo said from the studio side.

    The winning amount was 30,000 euros.