Katja Krasavice turned to Dieter Bohlen in an almost five-minute video and accused him of lying in interviews.

    The dispute and sexism scandal

    The dispute between the rapper and the “pop titan” was triggered by the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” candidate Jill Lange. Bohlen said that Lange could be “messed through” – that led to a sexism scandal. After graduating from high school, the 22-year-old decided on a career as a reality star and was seen in “Are You The One”.

    Krasavice then criticized her “DSDS” colleague as an “old, white, sexist guy” who was doing slutshaming and published one Disstrack on TikTok. The 69-year-old then said “Bild” that he had little to do with Krasavice and RTL also let people into the DSDS jury that he personally thinks are “shit”.

    The claims in the current TikTok

    In the current TikTok, the Czech-born now claims that Bohlen is lying in the “Image” interview. Bohlen explained that he was “not that stupid” to get Krasavice’s number. The rapper now said the opposite. As proof, she shows a chat history that allegedly took place between the two. In it, Bohlen praised the 26-year-old for her performance in the song “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” and asked her to appear on the cover.

    @katjakrasaviceFirst build shit and then lie 🤦🏼‍♀️♬ Original sound – KatjaKrasavice

    She goes on to say that Bohlen is hypocritical. While he distances himself from her in public, behind the scenes he really wanted to work with the Leipzig native because of her success. In order to be successful, the musician also works with people whom he really doesn’t like at all.

    Will Katja Krasavice be thrown out of the DSDS jury?

    Krasavice and Bohlen sit with Pietro Lombardi and Leony on the 20th season of “DSDS” on the jury. The castings are currently being shown on RTL+ and on television. The criticized passage with Lange was initially only visible on the streaming portal, and the episode was cut when it was broadcast on TV. In the meantime, it has also been edited online.

    The disputes were followed by speculation as to whether the jury for the live broadcasts could be reshuffled. A broadcaster spokesman told the German Press Agency: “The DSDS live shows start in April. There is still enough time to resolve personal disputes.”