Recipe for ricotta and cinnamon ravioli and orecchiette with sauce

300 g fresh orecchiette.
For the ravioli dough:
300 g re-milled durum wheat semolina
2 eggs
water (approximately 100 g)
For the stuffing:
250 g sheep’s ricotta
3 egg yolks
2 level spoons of sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon grated pecorino
organic lemon zest.
For the sauce:
500 g tomato sauce
1 small onion chopped
1 whole clove of garlic
1 bay leaf
1 piece of red pepper (for flavor, optional)
basil and parsley
extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Let's save panettone, two recipes and an anti-waste initiative


Prepare the sauce in a pan with high sides: brown the chopped onion, add the tomato sauce, the whole garlic, the bay leaf, the piece of red pepper, the extra virgin olive oil, a handful of salt and a grating of pepper over a medium heat. At the end of cooking, add the basil and parsley leaves and keep aside.

In a large bowl, mix the ravioli filling ingredients: the well-drained ricotta with the egg yolks, sugar and cinnamon, then the grated pecorino and the lemon zest.

Ricotta and cinnamon ravioli and orecchiette with sauce (photo by Federico Miletto, lifestyle Sergio Colantuoni, food stylist Gino Fantini).

On a floured surface, prepare the semolina and egg mixture for the ravioli (use water to taste and just a pinch of salt) and, after letting it rest for half an hour, roll it out thinly and cut out the ravioli with the appropriate tool (if you don’t have one, a small knife will suffice). Boil the ravioli and the orecchiette separately, then combine them to season them with the sauce and grated cheese.

PS We chose this recipe for the singular, tasty combination of the two types of pasta, which combines the sweetness of ricotta and cinnamon with the rich flavor of tomato sauce. It is a dish of the Lucanian regional tradition, handed down from the Middle Ages to still confirm itself as a protagonist on the Sunday table (and on holidays, even Valentine’s Day, why not?).

The décor idea

The rustic dish on the luxurious designer table. The silver cutlery with the ethno-chic bowls. Opposites attract, like the ravioli and orecchiette of this ancient recipe. The napkins? Passion red, indeed.