Mathilde Keuter, known from the reality series Urk!, is single again barely two months after giving birth. At the end of October, Mathilde gave birth to a son, Jason. The pregnancy was unplanned and the arrival of a baby proved too much for the relationship.

    Mathilde announced the news of the break with her boyfriend Michael Menting today in a post on Instagram:,,It is with a lot of pain in our hearts that we unfortunately have to announce that we have decided to put an end to our relationship. Because we got pregnant unexpectedly, we had to get to know each other in a short time and build a relationship and we tried to make the best of it. Unfortunately, we found out that we are not on the same page with many things and therefore simply do not fit together.”


    Mathilde and Michael are not arguing; they hope to continue to care for their son in good harmony. ,,We still have a lot of love for each other and that is why we pulled the plug in time, so that we can still interact in harmony to take care of our beautiful son together and occasionally do days out as a family. We need time and space to process this.”

    On the reality series Urk! on SBS 6 it was shown that Mathilde’s twin sister Gerda is also expecting a baby. Gerda hasn’t given birth yet.

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