Jude Bellingham is just 19 years old, a regular at Borussia Dortmund and is under contract with BVB until the end of June 2025. Nevertheless, hardly a day goes by without the Englishman being associated with one of the really big European football giants. The midfield youngster is said to already have a tendency as to where he wants to take the next step.

    As the “mark” Real Madrid has long been in exchange with Bellingham. According to this, the BVB star is the “big goal” of the royal team for the summer transfer period of 2023.

    Bellingham is said to have been on Madrid’s radar as early as 2019, a year before BVB transferred a whopping €25m to English second division club Birmingham City to secure the teenager’s services.

    In 2022, Real is said to have approached Bellingham and asked his entourage that the English national player not extend his contract in Dortmund prematurely – according to “Marca” with success.

    Allegedly, Real’s advances should not only be the reason why Bellingham has not yet extended at BVB, the British jewel is also said to be deaf to the calls from his homeland thanks to the Spanish capital. Rather, Bellingham’s behavior indicates that he wants to play for Madrid.

    On the island, with Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and above all Liverpool, numerous top clubs are repeatedly mentioned in connection with Bellingham’s commitment.

    Transfer speculation about the BVB star “far from the actual price”

    The “Sun” recently reported that a clear favorite has already emerged in ManCity. Accordingly, BVB should be ready to put Bellingham on the market for around 90 million euros if a club pays the fee in one go. For the Skyblues, who are financially bedded on roses thanks to almost infinite sheikh coal, this is probably a hurdle that would have to be overcome.

    In addition, the English newspaper cites the supposedly good relations between Dortmund and City. According to “Marca”, however, Real also sees his trump card in a good exchange with BVB. However, according to the newspaper, a recently revealed alleged transfer fee of 150 million euros is “far from Bellingham’s actual price”.

    How true the rumors are remains to be seen. It is clear that BVB should have little interest in selling its leader. A farewell should therefore be preceded by a very tough game of poker.