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    The Welshman has posted a video on his ‘Twitter’ account in which he appears wearing an MLS team shirt and cap

    The winger will sign for one season, although the deal includes an optional second year.

    The front Gareth Bale has confirmed that his next team will be Los Angeles FC of Major League Soccer (MLS). The Welsh international has made the announcement through a video that he has posted on his official ‘Twitter’ account in which he appears wearing a shirt and a cap from the American team.

    bale He will continue to be active for one more season, since his goal is to stay in shape to be able to play with the Welsh team in the next World Cup in Qatar, which will be played between November and December.

    The Welshman’s contract with the real Madrid It officially ends on June 30. Bale also had an offer from Cardiff City on the table, but he has finally preferred to emigrate to MLS after nine seasons at Real Madrid. The deal with Los Angeles FC also includes an optional second season.