RB Leipzig | Rose’s praise for Augsburg’s greenkeeper: “Great job”

The turf in the Augsburg stadium is a constant issue. At the end of January, national soccer player Leon Goretzka complained bitterly about the condition. “If you look at what we’re into, you can’t call it meadow. I’m happy to listen to every shitstorm,” complained the midfielder after FC Bayern’s lucky 3-2 win at FC Augsburg.

The people of Augsburg are of course aware of the poor condition of their strained green area. Just last week, coach Jess Thorup talked to the greenkeeper team about what could be done with the green.

In a phase like this, praise is good. And RB Leipzig’s coach Marco Rose made sure of that after the 2:2 (1:1) in the WWK Arena.

“I thought the guys running the pitch did a great job. I didn’t think it was that bad,” Rose noted. “Now the sun is coming out a bit, the seeds have also been sown, so good news for you, everything will be fine.”