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    Meanwhile sports director at the club that probably embodies commerce in professional football most blatantly and then complain about the size of the transfer fees. Exactly my sense of humour…

    Does Leipzig stand for commerce? Yes. Does Leizig stand for extremely high transfer fees? no According to the site, your top transfer here is almost 30 million. Far from the spheres that have already been paid and in recent years there have been reports that Leipzig cannot and does not want to pay that much. I think that’s another big difference. Leipzig may have pushed themselves up with financial resources that others don’t have, but aren’t about to throw out the money like other clubs to force everything.

    Then let’s see how many clubs in German football besides Leipzig have already made transfers of >= €30 million:

    Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Wolfsburg. These are 4 clubs, two of which have similarly unfair advantages (which undermine the competition) as Leipzig.

    Here is a list of the Bundesliga clubs that have never made such transfers (including a few clubs that have played with Leipzig in the first Bundesliga at least in the meantime):

    Cologne, Hamburg, Bremen, Hertha, Union, Frankfurt, Bochum, Mönchengladbach, Bielefeld, Stuttgart, Hoffenheim, Fürth, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Mainz, Augsburg, Schalke, Hanover…

    But yes, in principle, the people of Leipzig cannot pay large sums and probably have to turn over every euro twice…

    Leipzig (although the structure has only existed for a few years) already has the third-largest personnel costs in the entire Bundesliga.

    https://media.dfl.de/sites/2/2022/05/Clubs-der-Bundesliga-2022-23-Geschaefts Jahresende-2021.pdf

    In addition, Leipzig spends the second most money on consultants, even more than Bayern:


    To explain again. Leipzig certainly don’t have to spend every cent, I never said that anywhere, nor did I say anywhere that Leipzig worked out everything fairly. Things are mixed up here that have nothing to do with each other. In the end it will be another “Leipzig is shit and pure commerce” debate. Completely off topic. I think if someone in charge of another club who didn’t have a negative image had said that, the comments would have been very different.

    Like Bayern, Dortmund, etc., Leipzig doesn’t have an infinite amount of money at its disposal. If clubs want to get players who can take them further, they have to pay a lot more than they did a few years ago. The transfer fees are exploding throughout football, salaries are rising, etc. You only list German clubs, just look towards England what is being paid there. This applies to all clubs. It affects your unity, my VfL, every club. At a higher level, this also applies to Leipzig. Leipzig has the claim to play CL and to get there. That means you need a completely different level of player staff and that makes it more difficult for clubs like Leipzig to get players if they don’t have an infinite budget. A lot of the other German clubs you listed don’t go in with the claim of wanting to play in the CL, so they’re looking for completely different players, and it’s just become harder to assert yourself there, too. I just don’t understand why an Eberl shouldn’t address something like that. For some, whining may be at a high level, but everyone has problems.