Should stay in Ireland anyway

    One day before the transfer deadline in Ireland, Sligo Rovers confirmed Fabrice Hartmann’s commitment on July 27. The 21-year-old homegrown player from RB Leipzig was loaned out for a year. Now Hartmann is involuntarily forced to just watch until the end of the year.

    The Irish Premier Division, fifth in the table, confirmed on Friday that the right winger will not be allowed to play for Sligo Rovers for the rest of the 2022 season due to a registration problem. This will not be possible until the new 2023 season.

    “There was a problem with the paperwork, it was an administrative error on the club’s part, so the transfer couldn’t be completed on time. He missed the transfer window,” coach John Russell toldThe Sligo Champion” out. “We have an agreement with RB Leipzig that he will be with us until next July. So he’ll be with us training, he just won’t be available for the next 12 games. (…) He will stay with us until the summer transfer window and we may consider an extension until the end of the season.”

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