Rashford crash with Rolls

The debris of the 800 thousand euro car scattered everywhere. After the match Manchester United won against Burnley the player had just left the Carrington training centre. He ended up against an island of traffic, immediately rescued by Bruno Fernandes

From our correspondent Davide Chinellato



United just can’t breathe. After Saturday night’s victory over Burnley, the first after three consecutive defeats, the Red Devils trembled with Marcus Rashford, the striker who symbolized last season’s rebirth involved in a car accident just outside the Carrington training centre. From which he emerged trembling, with captain Bruno Fernandes first to help him, but fortunately for him unharmed. Unlike his Rolls Royce worth over 800 thousand euros.

the accident

United returned by bus from Burnley, where they beat Kompany’s team on Saturday evening with goals from Fernandes and Rashford on the pitch throughout the match. The players were dropped off at Carrington training center in the south-west suburbs of Manchester, where they collected their cars to return home. According to initial reconstructions reported by the Sun and taken up by other British media, Rashford hit a traffic island with his Rolls Royce, knocking down a pole and seriously damaging his car. The accident would have been particularly frightening, with debris scattered all over the roadway. Fernandes, who came out shortly after the attacker, was the first to stop to help his teammate. Police immediately arrived on the scene, but made no arrests. Rashford wouldn’t have needed an ambulance. “I left 3 points on my license on the road but I’m fine. Thanks for the support,” the attacker wrote on Instagram this morning.


Rashford’s scare erases the breath of fresh air that came from the Burnley victory, with which the Red Devils tried to forget the crisis of this start of the season. The incident is a reminder of how much United’s problems stem not only from poor results and injuries, but also from off-field problems, such as Antony being forced to take leave to defend himself from serious harassment accusations or Sancho being suspended for yet another argument with Ten Hag. Rashford should not be added to the long list of unavailable, but his presence in Wednesday’s Carabao Cup match is in serious doubt.