Rapper MHD has to go to prison for twelve years for murder

He is one of six perpetrators found guilty of the murder of Loic K in 2018.

French rapper MHD (real name Mohamed Sylla) was found guilty in a Paris court of the murder of Loïc K. He will have to go to prison for twelve years.

The crime is a gang crime – five other accomplices also received prison sentences of ten to 18 years, three defendants were acquitted.

In 2018, the then 23-year-old Loïc K was hit by MHD with his car and overpowered by twelve people who stabbed and beat him until he was dead. The crime was classified by police as a fight between two gangs from the tenth and nineteenth arrondissements of Paris.

As the Paris news agency “AFP” reports, MHD previously stated: “I have maintained my innocence in this case from the beginning and will continue to maintain my innocence.”

However, witnesses recognized MHD’s car (a Mercedes), himself from his haircut and his clothing. They captured the crime on video, which could be used as evidence in court.

The rapper was arrested in 2019, but was released from custody after a year and a half while investigations were ongoing. In 2021 he released his current album MANSA.

MHD is one of the most successful rappers in France. Several of his albums made it into the top 3 charts in the country.