Rape in Chianciano, fencing champion victim

The episode apparently took place in a retreat in Chianciano Terme. An athlete from Uzbekistan was the victim. The FIS: “Ready to constitute a civil party”

Abused by three Federscherma athletes in a retreat in Chianciano Terme, this is the accusation. The alleged victim is a 17-year-old fencing champion from the Uzbekistan team. The gang rape allegedly took place between 4 and 5 August last during a pre-summer retreat in the town in the province of Siena in which several teams from various Federations participated. The Siena Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the abuse and has registered two of the three athletes involved. A third is a minor.

the lawyer

“There is inertia on the part of the Prosecutor’s Office, which did not even activate the red code, and of the Federscherma which did not take any measures against the athletes under investigation”. This is what Luciano Guidarelli, the young athlete’s lawyer, reports. “When the girl realized what she had suffered, she notified her roommate and her mother who immediately arrived in Italy – explains the lawyer – Federscherma was immediately notified but we never had any feedback or measures against of the athletes involved nor of solidarity towards the victim”. Furthermore, adds Guidarelli, “the fact that the suspects were not sanctioned or suspended from their competitive activity made it possible that the young woman met them again during races and other training camps with consequent trauma”.

the federation

This is Federscherma’s reply: “The FIS has promptly, and on several occasions, had direct discussions with the investigating judiciary, in order to know the situation and the developments of the investigative activity, in compliance with the investigative secrecy which characterizes the procedural phase still in progress. On the basis of this information and reassurances acquired, the Federation responded in detail to the complainant’s lawyer, also filing the Federation’s nomination for a civil party in any proceedings, should it be ordered by ordinary justice”. The note continues as follows: “The Italian Fencing Federation, which has made the healthy and authentic values ​​of sport the flag of its activity no less than Olympic and Paralympic medals, and which through this daily work has established itself as a recognized example of social commitment , will evaluate all the actions necessary to protect its image and defend what it says every day in cinemas throughout Italy”.