Rammstein scandal: Claudia Roth calls for a code of conduct

In the meantime, politicians are increasingly expressing allegations of abuse against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann. While government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit called for clarification, but initially located the structural discourse within the music industry, Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth (Greens) im Interview with the “mirror” more concrete.

“We need greater awareness of abuse of power and sexualized violence, and not just in the music industry, but in the entire culture industry. The times of evil machoism combined with abuse of power and sexualized violence should really and definitely be over,” Roth said. It is unacceptable for stars to take advantage of their celebrity — and noted: “Even artistic geniuses and superstars are not above the law.”

It is important to take the structures behind Lindemann seriously. Regarding criticism of the alleged victims, she says: “This disparagement, trivialization and shifting of responsibility, which can now be observed in some cases, is absolutely unacceptable.”

Claudia Roth speaks of “Action Plan”

But Roth is even more specific with her demands – and speaks of an “action plan to promote cultural change against sexual harassment and violence in the cultural and media sectors”. The goal is a code of conduct for the entire cultural industry – and that organizers and festivals, but also labels and publishers, will take a closer look in the future and will not tolerate abuse of power or sexual assaults.