Rai TV series and films coming out in autumn: the complete schedule

Lautumn comes into full swing for the Rai which is preparing for a new season of TV series, Italian and international films. Waiting for directors like Paul Thomas Anderson, Ridley Scott, Ken Loach and Billy Wilderwe start tomorrow 19 September with the return of Morgane Brilliant Detective – third season of the successful French series starring the eccentric detective, to say the least.

Among the Italian titles they stand out Blah blah baby by Fausto Brizzi in which a nursery school employee sui generis like Alessandro Preziosi understands the language of newborns, Marylin has black eyes with Miriam Leonethe blockbuster Freaks Out by Gabriele Mainetti, the intense The hidden child by Roberto Andò (from 17 November), The emotional materialninth film as director of Sergio Castellitto with Bérénice Bejo and Matilda De Angelis. He thinks about making you jump off the couch Dario Argento with its horror Black glasses.

Rai TV series to watch in autumn. From Morgane to the case of Vermicino

It starts on September 19th on Rai 1 with the third season of Morgane brilliant detective. The eccentric and fun Morgane Alvaro (Audrey Fleurot) together with the chief inspector Adam Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou), will solve new murder cases in his own way. The miniseries will also be broadcast on Rai 1 Alfredino. An Italian story with Anna Foglietta in role of the child’s mother Alfredo Rampithe child who was stuck in the well in Vermicino for 18 hours.

On Rai 2 has American serials at home. The fifth season of is confirmed FBIthe second of FBI Internationalthe popular one NCIS – XX season and its spin-off NCIS Hawaii. The missions of SWAT And The Rookie with Officer Nolan, one of the oldest recruits in the Los Angeles Police Department. On Rai 4 the detective series arrives on TV for the first time Turnip with two stars of Spanish cinema and TV: Javier Cámara (Narcos) and Mónica López (The kingdom). Also from Spain are the true stories of counter-espionage between Europe and Morocco and Afghanistan The Unity And The Unity: Kabul. Realism and high tension are assured. For teenagers lands on Rai 4 half September Nancy Drewred-haired teenage detective with infallible intuition.

The most anticipated Rai films and TV series in autumn 2023

International films to see in autumn on Rai: House of Gucci And The Father

Rai 1 offers for the first time House of Gucci by Ridley Scott on the murder of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) by Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), while on Rai 2 theaction and science fiction thanks to Creedspin-off of Rocky with Sylvester Stallone as coach of the son of Apollo Creed, Chaos Walking with Tom Holland and Mads Mikkelsen, The Iceman with Liam Neeson and The ones who want me dead with Angelina Jolie.

Arthouse cinema is a must on Rai 3. They stand out The Father – Nothing is as it seemswinner of two Oscars including a Anthony Hopkins as best actor, Licorice Pizzathe latest extraordinary work by Paul Thomas Anderson, Tammy Faye’s eyes with Jessica Chastain, also awarded the statuette, and The fair of illusions by Guillermo Del Toro with Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett.

Lady Gaga in “House of Gucci”. (Eagle Pictures)

Italian films to see on Rai in autumn. From Freaks Out to Diabolik

Mom’s schedule Rai this autumn they are enriched with Italian films. We start on Rai 1 with Fausto Brizzi’s comedy Blah blah baby with Alessandro Preziosi in the role of a sui generis nursery school employee who manages to communicate with newborns. Miriam Leone And Stefano Accorsi they are very good at Marylin has black eyes by Simone Godano on mental distress. And it’s no different Claudia Gerini in the role of the mother of a very young footballer in Natural left-handed.

On Rai 2 don’t miss Gabriele Mainetti’s blockbuster Freaks Out with Claudio Santamaria and Pietro Castellitto and the film version of Diabolik by the Manetti brothers with Luca Marinelli and Miriam Leone in the role of Eva Kant. From genre titles to auteur cinema on Rai 3 with the touching The hidden child by Roberto Andò who reflects on children and the Camorra.

One of the most popular films of last year is shown on the same network: September by Giulia Steigerwalt (from 3 November), film awarded with two David di Donatello, with Fabrizio Bentivoglio. Sergio Castellitto signs instead The emotional material with Bérénice Bejo and Matilda De Angelis. On Rai 4 the Black glasses Of Dario Argento.

Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou. (Rai press office)

The film cycles dedicated to Billy Wilder and Ken Loach

From the 19 September at 9.15pm on Rai 5 (every Tuesday) And Rai Play (also in the original language) 14 films with strong civil and political content will be available Ken Loach. It starts with I, Daniel Blake Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2016, powerful drama about necessity and illness at work and continues with Land and freedom, The wind caressing the grass (another Palme d’Or) e Paul Mick and the others which deals with the problems of English workers resulting from the privatization of the British railways.

From October 25th Rai Movie pays homage to Billy Wilder with a cycle of nine films “Some Like Wilder: from Kiss me stupid to Private life of Sherlock Holmesto Witness for the prosecution with Marlene Dietrich.