RAF Camora has to postpone tour after sudden hearing loss

It’s not the first time that the rapper has struggled with health problems.

After RAF Camora took to Instagram on January 28th and announced that he was back in Vienna due to health problems, he released a statement on Tuesday (January 30th) with sad news for his fans. His upcoming tour has been postponed for the time being due to his health problems.

“Suddenly everything became dull”

In his Instagram story, the rapper announced that he traveled back to Vienna from Dubai last Thursday (January 25) and is now receiving medical treatment. He has been in the desert city for the last few weeks to “get fit for the tour”. But: A few months ago he suffered a sudden hearing loss and is now struggling with tinnitus.

For him, this situation is “very worrying as a musician” and it’s “not that easy […] sleep”. But at the time of this story, he said an MRI result was still pending.

“The doctors have prescribed urgent rest for me”

With a longer post he made it official that the tour planned for March would have to take place at a different time. The Viennese also thanked everyone for the sympathy he had recently received. He explained that he had been ignoring clear warning signals from his body since October and that the self-imposed break after the XV album release was not enough. The 39-year-old wrote, “I overloaded myself.”

His doctors then prescribed an urgent rest for him. Apparently, the health problems are not affecting the musician for the first time, because in 2019, according to an Instagram post, he reacted to a similar situation with ignorance for his head and he would “not repeat this mistake in 2024 want.

He also stated that this break would be a challenge for him, but that he wanted to withdraw completely from social media platforms. With that, he ended his statement and stated that the tour is now targeted for the last quarter of 2024.

Here you can find RAF Camora’s statement:

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