Radio presenters tell Iltalehti about their summer plans.

    Esko Eerikäinen, who hosts Radio Nova, is exceptionally celebrating Midsummer in the city this year. Eerikäinen, who usually hosts Midsummer festivals, tells Iltalehti that he has now cleared his calendar and is enjoying a midsummer party in Helsinki with his daughter.

    – As an adult, I may have spent three or four midsummer in the city, Eerikäinen tells Iltalehti.

    – Wonderful liberating when you don’t have to go anywhere. Helsinki is wonderfully peaceful and quiet.

    Esko Eerikäinen needs a relationship in his life. Inka Soveri

    Special age and Victoria-daughter’s summer plans also include domestic tourism. Eerikäinen has recently come from Pietarsaari, and in July the presenter will head to Las Vegas from the Hunks dance group with his familiar friends.

    – Let’s go on a business and leisure trip for a week.

    Eerikäinen says that he is also dreaming of a relationship this summer. On April Fool’s Day, she cheated on her fellow followers by saying she was in a relationship with Miss Finland’s 1996 Lola Odusoga. Eerikäinen says that he still receives inquiries about a fictitious relationship.

    Now, however, Eerikäinen has decided to make different choices about his love life.

    – I have decided that this summer I would like to fall in love and do things differently. The desire to find a relationship throbs in the back of my head all the time.

    The goal is to be bolder and set aside unnecessary fears about love. Eerikäinen says he used to be a person who is afraid and thinks too much in advance.

    – If it’s going well, it’s going really well, and if it’s going badly, that’s part of it.

    Eerikäinen’s family includes a 12-year-old daughter Victoria. The daughter finished elementary school this spring, which makes Eerikäinen miserable.

    – I am proud to see what she has already achieved in her life so far and what a young lady she has become.

    Jenni Alexandrova runs her own summer restaurant. Jenni Gästgivar

    In May, Jenni Alexandrova, who can be heard on the Aito Iskelmä radio station, opened a summer restaurant in Fiskars with her husband, also known as a Diili Advisor. Toni Lähteen with.

    Alexandrova tells Iltalehti that she expects to be slowed down soon, as the opening of the restaurant has required a lot of work.

    According to Alexandrova, the popularity of the restaurant surprised the whole team.

    – The interest has been really strong. It is absolutely wonderful that the villagers have received it well, Alexandrova tells Iltalehti.

    The idea to start your own summer restaurant only started last summer when Alexandrova, Lähde and three children from a new family visited Fiskars and started thinking about what kind of restaurant the place would need.

    In the end, Michelin restaurateur Sasu Laukka was added to the team, who conjured up a menu for the restaurant.

    Fiskars is also home to the family’s summer home, where Alexandrova and Lähde will celebrate Midsummer this summer. Midsummer marks the start of the summer for the presenter, from which summer activities are kicked off.

    There is a completely new kind of midsummer in our restaurant, from which Alexandrova expects mainly sauna and relaxation.

    Recognizing to be an avid sauna, the presenter recently moved into a new apartment with her son, which of course also has its own sauna.

    – A couple of years ago, I bought us a cabin that was under construction at the time. Now it’s done and I’m still trying to find little places for the goods, Alexandrova says.

    However, moving to a common address with Toni’s wife is not yet underway, according to Alexandrova.

    – The spouse lives in a different direction of the city and the children are in different schools. Let’s go with the children’s terms in this matter.

    Minna Kuukka will head to the United States in the summer. Sami Kuusivirta

    Radio Nova’s morning program Minna Kuukan it has become a Midsummer tradition to cottage in the brother’s family’s summer cottage.

    – As soon as the holiday begins, it is planned to have fun in a cottage on the shore of Keitele in central Finland, Kuukka tells Iltalehti.

    – Apparently there have been people there when the invitation has been issued again.

    In July, Moon moves with her whole family to Los Angeles when Moon’s husband turns 50.

    – Let’s spin there and maybe, if it’s going well, we’ll go all the way to Hawaii.

    During his corona, Kuukka has learned to be cautious about traveling, and he does not dare to rejoice in his upcoming trip too early.

    – I try to stop myself from thinking for sure before we really move, Kuukka says.

    The family’s twins, who graduated from elementary school in the spring, set off. Indeed, Kuukka hopes that the children will soon be at the age that joint trips will start to be rare.

    – It feels so weird how that elementary school slumped like that. In a way, it’s wonderful that they’re big now and start looking for their own place.

    Susanna Heikki enjoys midsummer in the city. Pink Bröijer

    Presented on the Radio Nostalgia channel Susanna Heikki to celebrate Midsummer this year in the city. Heikki, who was crowned Tango Queen in 2015, tells Iltalehti that even though the summer holiday on the radio is coming in July, the artist who is touring has little time to go on holiday.

    This summer, the presenter will not head to Tango Market, but the gig calendar will be even more complete.

    – A holiday means that I can sleep a little longer, Heikki says.

    Midsummer traditions have remained in the north of the hometown. Heikki, who enjoys dating, celebrates Midsummer in his own circumstances and says that he has enjoyed Midsummer in the city for several years.

    Heikki was first crowned in the Tango Market in 1997, when he placed second in the competition. Heikki recalls his 25-year journey with warmth. At that time, he also moved south from his hometown of Kolari.

    Now Heikki is wondering if he would feel comfortable in the next 25 years in Lapland or in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

    – The summers of love are over for me, Heikki says in a good mood.

    Kimmo Vehviläinen also maintains the relationship in the middle of a busy everyday life. MIKKO HUISKO

    Kimmo Vehviläinen, who runs on the Aito Iskelmä canal, arranged a surprise for his spouse during the summer holiday, which he had trained with his mother-in-law.

    Vehviläinen tells Iltalehti that the spouse had not seen his mother at the time, so the presenter jumped at the wheel of the car and drove two and a half hours to Ryhmättylä to get his mother-in-law a surprise.

    Vehviläinen, who took a holiday in June, has enjoyed the holiday for one reason in particular.

    – When everyone else is still at work, you feel wonderful joy when you don’t have to go to work yourself. In July, the law of karma will come when everyone else is on holiday, Vehviläinen tells Iltalehti.

    For Midsummer, Vehviläinen heads Petrawith his wife exceptionally to the Turku archipelago. However, the couple is not known about the summer wedding.

    – Not their own or even friends, Vehviläinen says.

    Vehviläinen has had its own Midsummer traditions for almost a decade, when Midsummer has typically been celebrated with a large group in a rental cottage.

    – Midsummer traditions took shape there when you watched all night and sang and loved.

    The beginning of the year has kept Vehviläinen and his spouse busy when Petra recently opened a new hairdressing store. Vehviläinen says that the time spent in the evenings is about 15 minutes.

    However, the relationship is nurtured in such a way that even in the midst of a hurry, unnecessary selfishness is eliminated.

    – The two of us are against the world and not against each other. Don’t start looking for small mistakes or omissions in others, Vehviläinen sums up.

    In early June, the presenter’s family celebrated Peppi-daughter’s lawyers. On an emotional day, Vehviläinen could not hold back the tears of longing.

    – I realized that this is the last time I get to the place to sing Suvivirta so that my own child is there.