Rachel Hazes moves halfway to Spain: ‘Quiet at farewell party’

Rachel Hazes is half moving to Spain now that she has taken over some brasserie there. “It won’t be very busy at her farewell party,” predicts Evert Santegoeds.


To further wring André Hazes’ legacy, Rachel Hazes has now taken over some brasserie in an ordinary Spanish seaside resort and will open it in a few months as ‘Casa Hazes’. And that’s why she’s half moving. “Really moving is a big word, but she will be there a lot,” her manager says.

Take my heart

Johan Derksen thinks it’s good news. “A load off my mind. Then we’ll get rid of a lot of articles in those shitty magazines. Is she a loss? No, that woman was attention-sick. I don’t know what was wrong with that woman, but you couldn’t open a newspaper without it being about nothing,” he responds in Today Inside.

Colleague René van der Gijp is done with it. “They made a mess of it, which I think is a shame. You only have one life, man, try to keep it nice together. Please don’t be so difficult.”

Johan: “If you manage to argue with all your children, then you are doing something wrong.”

Farewell party

Anyway: now she has a brasserie and is semi-emigrating to Spain. “If Rachel were to organize such a clumsy farewell party for herself as is always seen in the TV program Ik Vertrek, with Spanish flags and jugs of sangria, it will probably not be very busy,” writes Evert Santegoeds in The Telegraph.

Evert, who has been picked on by Rachel for years, points out the many arguments she has with everyone. “Most people, including her own children, wave her goodbye from a distance.”

Timing could be better

It is the perfect time for Rachel to move, Evert continues. “The timing could hardly be better, now that nothing and no one is keeping her in the Netherlands. She is at odds with her entire family – including her children, father, sister and brother-in-law – and with all her former friends, including her ex-bestie Marieke.”

Does Evert think that brasserie will be a success story? “For it to be a success, Rachel will have to change something radically: gather people around her, instead of antagonizing them all.”

Tea stall

But didn’t Rachel also have some kind of tea stall in the center of Amstelveen? What happened to that? “That is also so unclear. If you ask that in the teahouse, no one is allowed to say anything about it,” says Evert in the podcast Strictly Private.

He concludes: “She is not actually seen anymore, it was widely launched, but she may have left through the back door. It still exists. No one wants to say anything about whether it is still hers.”

Brasserie noise

There is on the socials quite a bit to say about Rachel’s purchase: