Rachel Hazes is already in trouble in the brasserie: ‘Neighbours are also furious’

What a portrait that Rachel Hazes is too. She flees from the Netherlands because she has a fight with everyone here, but now she also has a beef in Torremolinos. “Even her neighbors are fed up with it!”


Rachel Hazes has fled our country and now runs some brasserie in the vulgar Spanish seaside resort of Torremolinos. And you guessed it: she’s already having a fight there. “It was two very nice weeks, but yes, now things seem to be going wrong, right, Bart, we heard from sources in Torremolinos,” says Patty Brard in Show news.

Angry local residents

The neighbors of Rachel’s business would really complain about the noise. Colleague Bart Ettekoven: “People have indeed complained about the sound, but we have not had that confirmed. We actually called around about it, because we actually heard from various sources that there was indeed a problem.”

Patty: “But yes, we have not received confirmation from the people themselves. Well, from those around us who actually called us to say that it was extremely noisy. There seems to be all kinds of new staff around who also like quite a few beers and shots and are also very customer-friendly, if you know what I mean.”

Customer friendly

Customer friendly? What is wrong with that? Ah, Patty means it ambiguously. “They occasionally argue with customers and that is not entirely the intention.”

Rachel took over the business from Melanie Beense, the daughter of singer Peter Beense. “Melanie was going to train the staff, but she is no longer there, because she said something about it and when we called Casa Hazes today and asked if she still works there, the staff could not answer,” said Patty.

Call back

Melanie Beense no longer dares to say anything, says Bart. “We were able to call her back later in the day, but she didn’t answer the phone. We spoke to her on the phone early this morning and she said: ‘It’s not convenient right now, but I’ll call back later.’ Then she didn’t answer her phone all day.”

He continues: “Yes, she is heavily pregnant, that’s why she wouldn’t be there anymore. But two weeks ago she said that she was going to train the staff and go full steam ahead, but now she can no longer be found.”

No longer welcome

Was Melanie suddenly torn from her brasserie? “She seems to be there every now and then to say hello to some regular customers,” says Bart.

Ehh, well, that’s no longer allowed by Rachel, Patty knows. “She doesn’t seem to be welcome there anymore either.”