‘Rachel Hazes gives André Hazes Jr. the final push with single hijacking’

With her vulgar single hijacking, Rachel Hazes gives André Hazes Jr. the final push to start proceedings for the inheritance together with Roxeanne Hazes, thinks show analyst Rob Goossens.


It’s disgusting: Rachel Hazes gives permission for the first time to use the voice of the late André Hazes for a new single. She knew that her son André Hazes Jr. had that wish, but now that she is at odds with him, she has passed him by and awarded that honor to Kris Kross Amsterdam, Tino Martin and rapper Donnie. So shameless.

‘Done with it!’

André is very angry, but Rachel thinks he should keep his mouth shut and threatens with ‘chapters in her book’. It is clear that she is doing everything she can to provoke him, analyzes show expert Rob Goossens.

Rob tells the desk RTL Boulevard: “If she – because that’s what it seems a bit like – starts bullying her son by letting others make a cover, while André junior would have liked to do that himself, then that could be a reason for him to say: ‘Done with it, I just want to have those rights with my sister.’”

Flight to Spain

Rachel is now very busy with her croquette joint in an ordinary Spanish seaside resort. “Rachel is also doing well now. She is in Spain with her Hazes board,” notes the naive royalty fan Justine Marcella at the desk of Show news.

Presenter Dyantha Brooks: “But are you okay if you have no contact with both children?”

Justine: “I think that must be terrible for a mother’s heart, but she appears to be building her hair up again.”

“Is she anxious?”

Bart Ettekoven sees a different scenario. “Yes, or is it also a flight because she might also be afraid of the substantive proceedings that are coming?”

He continues: “She also knows, of course, that a fair amount of evidence is being collected at the moment and that it has not yet been said that she is indeed the only heir and that the children may soon be in charge.”

No answer

André was asked by a follower on Instagram whether he would join Roxeanne in the substantive proceedings against their mother Rachel. He then replied that that is a very direct question.

That avoidance says it all, according to Rob Goossens. “Then I immediately thought: yes, if the answer is no, then you can just say no.”