Stanley Hazes, the nephew of André Hazes, thinks that Rachel Hazes wants to keep the entire inheritance for herself. “I think she’s a vulture. Now that she is not an heir, what is she entitled to?”

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    It’s no secret that the family of the late André Hazes wants nothing to do with his eternal widow Rachel. In fact, through all her quarrels and all those lawsuits, she is slowly but surely smearing the ‘Hazes’ brand. Especially the inheritance issue with her daughter Roxeanne is currently much discussed.

    Hate Rachel

    Roxeanne has revealed that Rachel was not André’s heir at all. It remains to be seen to what extent it is justified that she has been earning millions from his legacy for years and years. “I knew for a long time that Rachel was no good,” says André’s cousin Stanley Hazes, who spent a lot of time with him as a little boy, in the Weekend.

    Rachel has a bad image with the entire Hazes family, says Stanley. “My wife saw André and Ellen’s marriage destroyed by Rachel. Almost everyone in the family hates her.”

    ‘Don’t hand in anything’

    Stanley suspects that Rachel won’t budge an inch in the inheritance issue with Rox. “I think she wants to keep everything herself, otherwise you wouldn’t do that from the start. Then you say: ‘I am not an heir.’ But it seems to me that she acted as if she was entitled to everything.”

    And that is not the case at all, according to Stanley. According to him, it makes it extra painful that she always litigates against everyone who does something with Hazes. “Can’t believe it? For example, against the man she took to court, Dick van der Geld, who had placed an old photo of their marriage in a local Amsterdam newspaper.”


    It is unbelievable what that woman is doing, he thinks. “She made quite a fuss about it. I think she’s a vulture. Now that she is not an heir, what is she entitled to, anyway?”

    He concludes: “No, Rachel better stand behind the bar in her tea shop in Amstelveen, instead of bothering people with lawsuits, such as the one against her old friend Marieke.”