Queen Elizabeth seeks staff for her new pub in Sandringham

C.amerieri, chefs of various levels, bartenders and, above all, the landlorda manager who becomes the main manager. Queen Elizabeth, 96, seeks staff for the new gastronomic pub which will soon be inaugurated on the estate of his private residence in Norfolk. But the search is proving to be more difficult than expected.

Queen Elizabeth looks out from the balcony: the crowd cheers for the Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Pub

So far there are a lot of applications, they say at court, but finding the right people is a complicated process. This, in fact, is not a normal pub. Housed in an old Victorian building in a residence that, since 1862, has seen the passage of four generations of British monarchs, will offer a service up to the standards set by the Queen’s personal staff.

Elizabeth II at Sandringham (Getty Images)

The promotion of the Sandringham brand

Not only. Elizabeth’s pub, with her own beer garden, a possible B&B on the upper floors and a breathtaking view, will also become a sort of showcase for products bearing the Royal mold. Consequently, al landlord chosen will be required to use and promote thel brand Sandringhamwith gin, beer and even the various condiments produced on the estate, with ingredients grown in the area.

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Queen Elizabeth II is not satisfied

The recruiting announcement describes it as “A rare opportunity for the right operator”. So far, however, no one has come up with a plan, requested by the managers, that demonstrates the candidate’s ability to transform the pub into a super destination for the more than half a million visitors who come to Sandringham every year. The research continues.

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