PvdA withdraws last minute from Frisian States Agreement: ‘no repeat of Rutte II’

The PvdA is withdrawing from the coalition agreement in the province of Friesland. That is what Provincial Council member Jaap Stalenburg makes on Tuesday known on Twitter. On Monday evening, a substantive and financial agreement was reached with BBB, CDA and ChristenUnie about a coalition agreement. It is not yet clear why the negotiations broke down. The party “did not want a repeat of Rutte II,” said Stalenburg. “Financially, it would have become too great an attack on nature and culture.”

Formateur Oebele Brouwer speaks to Omrop Fryslân of “a huge defeat”. According to him, an agreement was reached on Monday evening after almost two months of negotiations. “And we celebrated that together. Wine, terrace, party photos, hugs.”

The non-party politician informed the parties involved and the King’s Commissioner of the decision on Tuesday morning after a report from the PvdA. He then resigned his duties as formateur with immediate effect. “Friesland now has to wait longer for an agreement.”

The forced expropriation of farmers and a halving of nitrogen emissions by 2030 may have been a breaking point for the PvdA branch in Friesland. GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals had previously expressed their fear that the PvdA would give up too much ground in the field of nature and nitrogen policy in the forthcoming coalition.

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