PvdA wants to prevent the arrival of a small nuclear power plant in Borger-Odoorn

A nuclear power plant in the municipality of Borger-Odoorn? The PvdA does not like that and that is why Peter Zwiers from that party submitted a motion during the city council meeting tonight. He argues against the arrival of such a nuclear power plant.

The theme is current, because the province of Drenthe indicated two weeks ago that it wanted to investigate the arrival of a small nuclear power plant, a so-called small modular reactor (SMR). The province wants to benefit from the government, which has ten million euros available for research. Drenthe wants a part of that.

During the council meeting in Borger-Odoorn, Zwiers said that the municipality already contributes significantly to the energy transition, with many solar parks and wind turbines. “The energy transition is important, but the burden should not fall disproportionately on Borger-Odoorn,” says Zwiers.

However, he says that the motion “may be a bit too premature”. Zwiers believes there is little chance that a nuclear power plant will be built in Borger-Odoorn. “But if you had asked me the same question fifteen years ago, but about the subject of wind farms, I would not have expected that they would be there now. Developments are currently not standing still, of course. It is better to send a signal now than to miss the boat .”

According to Zwiers, a small nuclear power plant would increase the burden on the residents of Borger-Odoorn, while the benefits would go elsewhere.

Zwiers hoped for support from fellow council members, but the council turned out to be divided. During the vote, it turned out that there were as many parties for and against the motion. The council calls it a ‘sympathetic motion’, but too premature. This means that there will be another vote at the next council meeting.