PvdA Lower House demands clarification from the cabinet about the deployment of inexperienced trainees at Schiphol

The parliamentary party of the PvdA wants clarification from the cabinet about the deployment of trainees and other inexperienced ground staff at Schiphol. The party asks parliamentary questions in response to reports from NH News about the filling of schedule gaps in passenger and flight handling by trainees who are left to fend for themselves without supervision. Trade union FNV, ground staff and now also PvdA are sounding the alarm. They fear consequences for flight safety and chaos in the upcoming holiday periods.

Last week, NH News announced that handling companies at Schiphol schedule interns at workplaces where experience is necessary, such as checking in and boarding passengers, controlling and connecting jet bridges, and loading the aircraft.

It would mainly concern Swissport, Aviapartner and Menzies. Handling company Viggo would many young people to enter who are difficult to employ, partly because they often do not yet have a driving licence. Swissport, Menzies and Viggo contradict NH News’ reporting. Aviapartner has not responded to the request to respond.

Member of Parliament Habtamu de Hoop of the PvdA wants to know from Ministers Harbers (Infrastructure) and Van Gennip (Social Affairs) what safety consequences the deployment of trainees and young people has, particularly during peak days in the May and summer holidays. According to De Hoop, the companies at Schiphol pay so badly that experienced employees throw in the towel and new, more suitable staff ignore the airport.

“Schiphol uses trainees and inexperienced staff to eliminate staff shortages,” De Hoop told NH News. “This shows once again that the chaos of last summer has still not been resolved. When the crowds increase again, this choice can have major consequences for the flight safety of passengers and especially for the health of the staff. The PvdA finds this unacceptable. “

Extra surcharge

De Hoop proposes to offer ground employees a better collective labor agreement, as the security guards already received after the ongoing chaos at Schiphol. The Member of Parliament believes that the airlines should pay for the extra costs, for example by increasing airport charges.

Passengers would have to pay an additional surcharge. Airlines hire the handling companies and do not pay the ground workers directly.

Possibly canceling more flights

PvdA member De Hoop wants to know from the cabinet whether more flights will be canceled if Schiphol does not get the staff shortage in order.