The Vladimir Putin’s government has recovered a curious measure established by the soviet establishment: reward Russian women who have 10 or more children, according to information from the Tass news agency.

    In this way, he intends to turn the demographic curve of the country, which does not stop plummet for years and what has been seen aggravated for the Russian citizens killed in the ukrainian war and those who go into exile and leave the country for the same reason.

    The rewards in question consist of a million rubles for each one (which is just over 16,000 euros) and the distinction of the honorary title of ‘mother heroine‘: “The title of ‘Heroine Mother’ will be awarded to a mother who is a citizen of the Russian Federation who has given birth to and raised ten or more children who are citizens of the Russian Federation,” says the document made public by the Kremlin.

    The women will also obtain a medal with a five pointed gold star.

    Valid 47 years

    This measure was already in force for almost half a century between 1944 and 1991 -year in which the USSR fell-, to recover the decimated population by Second World War.

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    In order to qualify for the rewards, it is necessary that, when the youngest child turns one year, his nine brothers are alive. Or, if one has died, he must have done so while serving in the military, in a civic job or victim of a terrorist attack.

    In addition, only women who have their ten children will be eligible for the reward. well cared for and with “the adequate level of care for health, education and physical, spiritual and moral development,” according to the note.