Putin denies plans for Russian nuclear weapons in space: “Fake news” | Abroad

In mid-February, US politicians informed their European allies and US President Joe Biden about the development of a new Russian nuclear weapon that could attack satellites. According to Putin, this is “fake news”. He emphasized this during the Security Council today. Russia has “no such plans.” However, he said that it is important for the government to be constantly alert to possible threats in space and how they can be neutralized.

However, during Putin’s State of the Union address last Thursday, he threatened to use nuclear weapons if the West sends troops to Ukraine.

U.S. officials worry that an advanced Russian nuclear weapon in space could endanger the crucial U.S. satellite network. Such a weapon would thwart civilian communications, space surveillance, and military command and control operations of the US and its allies. The country would not currently be able to neutralize a weapon of that caliber and defend their satellites.

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