TO at the end of May with the signing of the implementing decree, the Psychologist Bonus, which covers part of the expenses incurred to treat mental illness, was given the green light: it can be used to access about 12 psychotherapy sessions from a specialist who has joined the initiative. The bonus will be paid out in the form of a voucher up to 600 euros, based on the ISEE (which cannot exceed 50 thousand euros).

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    The request will be made through the INPS portal. A potential audience of 16 thousand beneficiaries is estimated: for this reason the bonus will be paid on the basis of the order of arrival of the application, giving priority to people with the lowest Isee.

    Psychologist bonus, beware of scams

    According to a trend initiated by the pandemic, it is foreseeable that many of the sessions will be conducted online. “Research tells us not only that most people like this formula, but also that its effectiveness is comparable to that of face-to-face meetings” he observes Davide Lazzari, president of the Order of Psychologists. Often, he adds, “the support intervention takes place in a mixed form, which optimizes the advantages of both options”.

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    Affective online scams: a phenomenon on the rise and difficult to recognize

    Affective online scams: a phenomenon on the rise and difficult to recognize

    However, scams are just around the corner. Online interventions must be distinguished from the use of apps, which often do not require the active or constant presence of a specialized therapist. Every citizen can check on the website of the National Council of Psychologists ( under the item “single national register” if a professional is regularly registered in the register and authorized to practice psychotherapy.