Provisional prison for intentional homicide for the four thieves who assaulted the deceased tourist in the Ronda Litoral

He trial court number 18 of Barcelona has ordered entry into preventive prison of the four thieves that they assaulted the tourist who ended up dying in the Ronda Litoral, according to the sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO. The victim, a 25-year-old man from Canada, was fleeing from the four criminals when he fell to the road from a height of almost five meters in the early morning of March 15.

The suspects, who have between 19 and 21 yearswere arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra last Tuesday and this Thursday they were placed at the disposal of the court, which after taking their statement, ordered their sending to the penitentiary center of four roads for the crimes of intentional homicide and of robbery with violence and intimidation with a dangerous instrument and abuse of superiority.

The imputation of the crime of intentional homicide does not mean that there are indications that the thieves deliberately pushed the victim, but it does mean that the court interprets that those investigated could act being aware of the risk that their actions they implied for the life of the tourist and, even so, they carried them out.

The agents of the Research Unit of the Sant Martí district of the Mossos reviewed the cameras in the area for weeks and questioned witnesses to the events and, above all, the two friends who were with the victim that night. Based on these investigations, they reconstructed what happened and came to the conclusion that the tourist most likely fell to the Ronda Litoral when he jumped a brick fence that prevented him from seeing that on the other side he would be surprised by a fall of four meters and half. The victim hit his head on the asphalt and was left lying, unconscious and seriously injured, on an exit lane of the round. He was rushed to Hospital del Mar but died a few hours later.

The robbery

The crime of robbery with violence and intimidation is connected to the fact that before the fall, the four thieves had already taken the victim’s mobile phone. Young they attacked the three touristswho came from a nightclub on the seafront, in the Poblenou Park, one of the least illuminated places in the area. Two of them were able to flee but the victim was cornered, threatened by a majority -there were three- who used dangerous weapons, and suffered the theft of the telephone and, later, he started running, fleeing from the thieves, in the direction of the round, where suffered the fateful fall. There is no recording of the precise moment of the fall.

A few minutes later, when the two friends retraced the path, looking for their partner, and they discovered what had happened. Among the witnesses questioned by the Mossos is the driver of a truck that was driving along the coast and took the exit lane in which the victim had fallen and had to dodge it to avoid running over him. And also the occupants of the taxi that was driving behind the truck and who were the first to help the young man and diverted traffic to prevent him from being run over by other vehicles. EL PERIÓDICO interviewed the truck driver and the taxi drivers.

The taxi drivers version

Saray and her husband are taxi drivers. On the morning of March 15, at five to five, her husband accompanied her to find her taxi to start the work day. As they took exit 23 of the roundabout, they saw the truck in front brake suddenly and she was trying to avoid a lump. “We have stopped because we have seen that he was a young man. He was unconscious and had a blow to the head, but he was breathing,” Saray explained in statements to this newspaper. Her husband stayed with the victim and she went to stop the traffic to ask the cars to drive along the left wall. They called 112 and immediately the victim’s two friends arrived, one of whom spoke Spanish.

“They were very affected, they have tried to take it but we have asked them not to touch it,” Saray remarked. The friends told Saray that they had gone out to a party that night and that a group of thieves tried to rob them and that they ran, got separated and did not see how he fell.

the trucker version

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Jonathan, driver of a truck that was part of the filming of an advertisement that was going to be recorded next to the scene of the accident, took exit 23 just in front of the taxi in which Saray and her husband were traveling. She assured this newspaper that that morning she saw a “bump” on the right margin of the lane. He jerked the wheel around, then braked. He then saw that he was a man. The young tourist was face up with his feet on the curb and his body inside the lane

“I called 112 and later the police asked me if I had seen someone run. But there was no one anymore. He was at risk of being run over. They had abandoned him. If a car came that would have gone faster I could have walked over him calmly“, he explained then.