Pröpper returns to professional football: “Convinced that there can be the right balance”

Signature at Vitesse

Davy Pröpper is a professional soccer player again. A year after the 31-year-old from Arnhem ended his career after stints at PSV and Brighton and a return to Eindhoven, the midfielder signed a contract with training club Vitesse. The 17-time national player had been active there for 13 years since he was young, and Pröpper had also trained there again in recent months and played friendly games to weigh up a possible comeback. His new contract is valid until 2024.

In a statement, Pröpper repeated the reasons for his withdrawal at the time and emphasized: “It was a difficult decision, but it felt like a relief at the time. I hadn’t had fun for a long time and that’s why I didn’t feel so comfortable anymore.” He then deliberately distanced himself from the football business. “But over time, as I started thinking more and more about the future, the lack of football grew,” he said. “I didn’t expect that so much in advance, but I didn’t rule it out either.”

The distance then brought the positive aspects of his job back to the fore. “Of course, that’s primarily football itself, but also cooperation, performance and belonging to a team and a club. Of course I’m realistic; The dark sides didn’t just go away. But after careful consideration, reliving football and two months, I’m convinced that there can be the right balance. I’m ready again.”

Comeback: Vitesse doesn’t want Pröpper “to be in the limelight any more than necessary”

Vitesse’s technical director Benjamin Schmedes said of Pröpper’s return: “We gave Davy the opportunity to try out whether he felt like making a comeback in football without any pressure. Of course we hoped he would do that. So we are very happy about this result.” It is now important to the club that Pröpper also feels comfortable with the fringe aspects of football. Schmedes added: “We will not leave him in the limelight any more than necessary.”

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