Property, accident against a tram in Rome: the dynamics

The Lazio striker collided with public transport this morning. The front of his SUV was destroyed. His first words: “I’m fine, my arm just hurts”

Elmar Bergonzini

April 16, 2023 ( edit April 16, 2023 | 09:57)

Fear for the Lazio captain Ciro Immobile. The Lazio striker was involved in a car accident this morning in Rome. According to the first reconstructions, a tram, number 19, was crossing Ponte Matteotti, which connects the Flaminio district with that of Prati, a few kilometers from the Olympic stadium, and collided with the footballer’s car, destroying it. “The tram ran a red light. Luckily I’m fine, my arm just hurts a little,” said the Lazio captain.

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The accident also involved other cars, seven people were transported by ambulance to the hospital: the Lazio striker with his daughters, one of whom left the scene with a neck brace, some tram passengers and the driver of the same, unique in yellow code. To reconstruct the dynamics of the accident, the impact however occurred at a sustained speed: the public transport was in fact derailed from the tracks, even going beyond the sidewalk that runs alongside it. The front of Immobile’s car, a Land Rover Defender, was destroyed.