Promotion ‘Giro 555’ is an evening blond with blue eyes. This can’t be true in 2022, can it?

When I had a delicious stew with my parents on Monday evening, the TV was on and we were allowed to enjoy the giro555 promotion for Ukraine. We noticed that this was presented by a certain type of woman. It is understandable that the heavyweights of Dutch television were taken from the stable. Jeroen Pauw was also allowed to take a seat again. But we are still white oriented in this country. Delighted in their most beautiful dresses, the presenters were ready for us. Thus we saw shine; Britt Dekker, Chantal Janzen, Wendy van Dijk, Dionne Stax and Eva Jinek. Five blond white women with eyes as blue as the ocean. This can’t be true in 2022, can it? We in the Netherlands have so much talent of color that this was felt as an insult to a significant part of the population. Do the Dutch donate more if a white woman asks? Or is the talent of colored Dutch people still misunderstood by the TV world?