PROMO FIGHTERS SUPER TIP. 3.99 euros per kilogram: here you can buy the cheapest Easter eggs | promo hunters

One more week and it’s time: then the Easter Bunny will scatter Easter eggs around to his heart’s content. According to Promo hunters Belgium he does his shopping best at Albert Heijn, Kruidvat or Colruyt, because they are currently the cheapest there. You only pay 3.99 euros per kilogram.

Bee Albert Heijn you can choose from two private label bags: one with a mix of eggs in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate (assorted, normal price 4.49 euros) and one with a mix of milk praline, milk vanilla flavor crisp, milk strawberry flavour, white caramel and pure praline (mix filled, normal price 4.99 euros). The promotion will run until Sunday.

Also Kruidvat has a one kilogram bag with six or three different flavors for 3.99 euros. “Two of the three varieties are sold out online, but you can still buy them in physical stores,” says Gunther Devisch, manager of Promojagers Belgium. “The ‘milk, pure white’ bags are still available online.”

Bee Colruyt you get a 20 percent discount on two packages of Milka eggs and a 30 percent discount on three packages. But in the latter case you still pay about 11 euros per kilogram. The eggs of house brand Boni are considerably cheaper. You only pay 3.99 euros per kilogram for that.

The eggs are more expensive at other supermarkets and chains. This is how you pay Lidl for a bag of filled Easter eggs with praline of 250 grams, 1.49 euros. That corresponds to 5.96 euros per kilogram.

Bee macro is that something more. There, a mix of one kilogram costs 6.99 euros.

Bee HEMA for 450 grams you pay 3.50 euros, which comes down to 7.78 euros per kilogram.

Which flavor is in which Easter egg? We looked it up in 6 supermarkets