Pro 2023 winners and finalists

The Horaca industry rewarded the best.

Yesterday, Wednesday, restaurant and kitchen professionals were celebrated at Kaapelitehta in Helsinki. The annual Pro recognition awards in the horeca industry were handed out there.

The Pro-gala highlights the best factors in professional kitchens and restaurants. A total of 48 experts in 16 different categories were nominated for the awards.

The double award was won by Päijät-Hämeen Aterialavevanten Jukka Turta. He was awarded both the Pro professional kitchen product developer award and the press award.

Turta is a school food developer who does his work strongly from the perspective of children and young people. He is also active in association activities and leads the activities of the Finnish national chef team.

– Our task is to create Finnish food culture, no one else does that. In many homes, food is no longer part of everyday life. School food creates valuable memories, and I share this award in my work community and with colleagues who work with school food, Turta stated in his acceptance speech.

According to him, the most important thing in food and food development is that it is a matter of the heart for the product development team.

– It is emphasized even more today, because there have been difficult times and we have come to the edge of basic values. One thing that is at the core there is food. Let us professionals be proud of it and let’s take it forward, Turta continued his speech.

The pro gala was held at the Helsinki Cable Factory. Eeva Paljakka

The newly launched Pro newcomer series was won by an industry changer. Changed from a nurse to a barista by studying on his own Anna Siitari together with his father manages the Mikkeli family business Kirjalan Kahvipaahtimo.

The jury gave an honorable mention to another newcomer, the restaurant manager of Friends & Burgers Iida Paloniemi To Oulu. He was described as a future role model and a millennial who knows how to work and take responsibility.

The Pro professional kitchen manager award also went to Oulu. Got it Minna Gehör, who is responsible for Juvenes campus restaurants. The Pro professional kitchen worker award went to someone who works on the campus of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Hilkka Anttila. Pro professional kitchen chef Teppo Vahtera on the other hand, tours Arkea’s kitchens in Turku.

Kim Mustonen’s victory is also enjoyed by his racing partners Kevin Manu and Mika Jokela. Eemeli Sarka

A pro teacher was found in Keuda, Mäntsälä, where Jyri Bemerståhl teaches future chefs, workers that the industry desperately needs.

The strict vote in the PRO restaurant kitchen manager/master series was won Kim Mustonenwho works for Pure from Nice & V as chef. Mustose had a record-breaking support group of top domestic chefs behind him, and the jury was convinced by his CV and his style that emphasizes development and learning.

Professionals working in Helsinki collected a record jackpot of prizes.

An employee of the Pro cafe is an employee of Itiksen Espresso House Eve Kormilainen. Pro butler/sommelier series winner Andrey Sorokin, Karelian wine manager. Pro restaurant’s chef is Nokan A fan of Polo.

The customer service of the Pro restaurant is a Clarion Hotel Helsinki waiter Mustafa Alpaslan, who has a long career in the restaurant industry behind him. Claimed the pro bartender title Mikko Rauma G from Livelab. Pro restaurant manager is Noora Luojuswho owns the restaurant of the National Opera in his jumps.

Kalamuru developed by Lagerblad Foods received the pro innovation award. The pro responsibility award was won by the restaurant Nolla.

The winner of the Pro entrepreneur series is a super influencer of Helsinki’s food culture Kim Heiniö.

Fanni Polón is the head of Noka’s cold kitchen. Eemeli Sarka

Pro Finalists and Winners 2023

Professional kitchen chef

Mari Peippo, Ruokakello, Unica, Turku

Sonja Veija, Sahara, Leijona Catering, Helsinki

WINNER: Teppo Vahtera, Arkea, Turku

Head of professional kitchen

Sanna Nummela, ISS, Pirkkala

Sauli Sillanmäki, Pajulahti sports center, Kanresta, Nastola

WINNER: Minna Gehör, Juvenes, Oulu

Professional kitchen product developer

Leena Hjort, Kaarea, Turku

Aki Scheiman, Palmia, Helsinki

WINNER: Jukka Turta, Päijät-Hämeen Ateriapalvelu, Lahti

Professional kitchen employee

Miia Kainua-Baggström, KV2, Antell, Vantaa

Nella Taipola, Båx, Kanresta, Helsinki

WINNER: Hilkka Anttila, SEAMK campus building, Sodexo, Seinäjoki

The restaurant’s kitchen manager or chef

Mika Jokela, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

Kevin Manu, Boon Nam, Helsinki

WINNER: Kim Mustonen, Pure & V, Nice

Restaurant chef

Joona Holm, Gustav, Rovaniemi

Tarmo Savolainen, Pöllöwaari, Jyväskylä

WINNER: Fanni Polón, Nokka, Helsinki

Restaurant Manager

Hilkka Lahtinen-Ojala, Scandic Helsinki Aviapolis, Vantaa

Iida Paloniemi, Friends & Burgers, NoHo, Oulu

WINNER: Noora Luojus, National Opera, Restel, Helsinki


Liisa Lindroos, Bar Bardem, Helsinki

Jaako Louhi, Krapi, Tuusula

WINNER: Mikko Rauman, G Livelab, Helsinki

Butler or sommelier

Tuomo Poukkanen, Finnish Club of Helsinki, Helsinki

Kristina Rosenberg, Eckerö Line

WINNER: Andrey Sorokin, Carelia, Helsinki

Cafe employee

Anita Peksiev, Paulig’s corner, Juvenes and Barona, Helsinki

Kishor Shahi, Nordea Vallila, ISS, Helsinki

WINNER: Eve Kormilainen, Espresso House, Helsinki

Restaurant customer service

Mikko Kummala, Vinho, Turku

Jonna Suojasalmi, Janoinen Lohi, Helsinki

WINNER: Mustafa Alpaslan, Clarion, Helsinki


Maila and Erkki Sinervaara, Tallbo restaurants, Rauma

Laura and Pekka Yli-Houhala, Siipiweikot, Tampere

WINNER: Kim Heiniö, Soupster, Helsinki


Come on, Antell

Prego Booking, Muru Group

WINNER: Kalamuru, Lagerblad Foods


The Barö, Inkoo

Mission Positive Handprint, Laurea (Uusimaa), Jamk (Central Finland), Savonia (Northern Savo)

WINNER: Restaurant Nolla, Helsinki


Santeri Menna, Konstan Möljä, Helsinki

Rasmus Roiko, Metro Areena, Restel, Espoo

WINNER: Anna Siitari, Kirjalan Kahvipaahtimo, Mikkeli


Tomi Hiltunen, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä

Pekka Soive, Haaga-Helia, Helsinki

WINNER: Jyri Bemerståhl, Keuda, Mäntsälä

On January 18, 2023, Aromi magazine awarded the best professional kitchen and restaurant professionals for the 21st time at the PRO gala. The recognition awards celebrate the expertise of the field and improve the appreciation of the entire field.