prize for the commitment to Catalonia, article by Aitor Moll

The Català de l’Any It gives us the opportunity to discover new stories of effort and genius every year that illuminate the path of modernity and progress in Catalonia.

This event is, to a large extent, a reflection of the role that THE NEWSPAPER wants to play in this society and the strong bond it establishes with this territory and its citizens.

A responsible and committed newspaper is always a shared space for thought and reflection, but also a vantage point from which to observe reality, not only to explain what is happening and why, but also to denounce bad practices and applaud good ones.

This last function is what gives meaning to the fact that EL PERIÓDICO, making use of its Catalan spirit, its weighted criteria and its capacity for influence, organizes each year this Award that applauds the work and audacity of citizens who contribute to Cataloniathat shine with their own light and that encourage us to think that a better world is possible.

In a panorama as complex as the current one, in which the collapses of a pandemic and the effects of an economic crisis and a war are still being suffered, We need references like the ones that Català de l’Any offers each year more than ever. Problems do not solve themselves and the great challenges of countries and humanity are better faced with the leadership example that accompanies the people we reward.

Concepts such as resilience, the spirit of improvement, integration, solidarity, digitization, sustainability or cultural sensitivity often guide the jury formed by the Editorial Committee of EL PERIÓDICO in the election of Català de l’Any.

The winners are personalities who contribute to the collective good, in their respective fields, through a permanent search for knowledge, improvement, innovation and excellence.

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They are people who inspire us in a land that historically has always had an enormous concern for avant-garde and entrepreneurship in all areas.

Catalan is a people hungry for progress. There are many great citizens who have made it possible, over the years, for us to live and coexist better. Prensa Ibérica and EL PERIÓDICO think of them when they bet so decisively on this Català de l’Any. From this rostrum it only remains for me to congratulate the Mobile World Congress CEO John Hoffman. His passionate commitment to Barcelona and Catalonia in recent years have made him the new Català de l’Any. Hoffman is now one more Catalan and this award is recognition for a job well done.