Private jet of Belgian owners crashes after landing next to ski slope in Courchevel | News

A Belgian-owned private jet crashed at the Courchevel altiport. This is an airport in the French Alps (Savoie) at an altitude of approximately 2,000 meters, just next to the ski slopes. It went to pick up its owners in Courchevel, but a wing broke off during landing. At the time, only two pilots were on board. They escaped unscathed.

The plane crash happened around 10 a.m. on Saturday. The private jet of the Pilatus PC-12 type had departed from Charleroi. He first hit the runway in Courchevel, but then ended up a few meters further in the scenery, on a thick layer of snow. The left wing of the private jet broke off completely in that crash. Fortunately, no fire broke out.

Video footage of France 3 show how a group of winter sports enthusiasts ski past the crashed private jet barely tens of meters away.

French media write that according to the Albertville public prosecutor’s office, an error of judgment on the part of the pilot could have been the cause of the crash. “It descended a little too abruptly, after which it bounced on the runway and ended up in the snow next to the runway,” said Jean-Yves Pachod, mayor of Courchevel. According to him, there is nothing wrong with safety at the altiport.

“No passengers on board”

According to French media, both Belgian pilots were slightly injured, but that is not true according to a spokesperson for EAPC (European Aircraft Private Club), the Charleroi company that was responsible for the flight. “The plane had no passengers on board, only two crew members. They were able to evacuate the aircraft safely and were not injured,” the company said.


“The aircraft flew to Courchevel to pick up its Belgian owners,” said another spokesperson. Who the owners are remains secret for the time being.

French authorities have launched an investigation into the crash. Airplanes are therefore temporarily unable to land or take off at the Courchevel altiport. The heliport remains available.

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