Prince Joachim attended his mother’s New Year’s gala dinner alone.

    Denmark’s Queen Margaret, 82, hosted traditional New Year’s dinners at Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen over the weekend.

    The entire royal family gathered there – although Prince Joachim, who currently lives in Paris with his family, arrived alone. A small halo arose from this: Where is his wife, Princess Marie? Did Marie boycott the Queen’s party because this took away the Titles from Joachim’s children?

    Princess Marie was conspicuous by her absence. PDO

    The removal of titles took effect at the beginning of the year. Joachim’s four children, Nicholas23, Felix20, Henrik13 and Athena, 10, are no longer princes and princesses but counts and countesses of Monpezat. They are also no longer called Royal Highnesses but Excellencies.

    However, Marie’s absence from the party was not about boycotting.

    Marie stayed at home because Henrik’s son was sick.

    Prince Joachim represented alone. PDO

    The Queen’s eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik and his spouse, Crown Princess Mary, attended the gala dinner. They and their families just returned from Christmas in Mary’s birth country, Australia.

    Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik attended the dinner. PDO

    In her New Year’s speech, the queen brought up the family relationships that were broken due to the removal of titles:

    – I think of my family with great love. Any family has difficulties and differences of opinion, including mine. The whole country has witnessed them, the queen said.

    He also stated that the displeasure caused to Prince Joachim and his wife, Princess Marie, has made him sad.

    – I have had time to think about things and I see the coming year as bright, Margareeta summed up.

    Queen Margaret was beaming in her blue. PDO

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