Princess Charlene of Monaco’s Body Language and Elon Musk’s New Flame

Just as footballers were once unleashed on lip readers to decipher what they were saying to each other on the field (footballers have been talking behind their hands ever since), The Daily Mail a body language expert put on photos of Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife Charlene.

The Albert-Charlene relationship is a mystery: why was she not in Monaco almost all of 2021, what should she do with that Albert, does she have something wrong with her throat and nose (she says herself) or is she suffering from complete exhaustion?

Recently, it was rumored that Charlene gets 10 million a year to appear with Albert at events. And recently she is indeed back in the country; her first commitment was Formula 1 in Monte Carlo.

Time for the photo analyzes in the Mail† We see Albert and Charlene on the race track, and large red arrows have been placed with the interpretation of Judi James, body language expert. SAD EXPRESSION, it says in the arrow at Charlene, and that analysis is correct. You don’t have to be a body language expert for that. On Charlene’s hand, holding a handbag, the red arrow reads HANDBAG TO BLOCK TOUCH RITUALS.

Touch rituals, a new term for us, you will learn that in body language science. Of Charlene’s forced smile, Judi James says, “Her smile doesn’t involve the facial muscle movements that might suggest real happiness.”

That sentence could be funny, but when you see the pictures, it’s pure tragedy.

Actress Natasha Bassett.Image Corbis via Getty Images

French fry

“The richest man in the world, 50, and the Australian actress, 27, were photographed Sunday afternoon over a leisurely lunch at the chic Cheval Blanc Hotel.”

That sentence can only be about Elon Musk, who broke off his relationship with singer Grimes just before having his seventh child and now seems to have something with actress Natasha Bassett.

Grimes gave birth to their daughter Exa Dark Sideræl shortly after the split from Musk – they call her ‘Y’. Previously they had son X Æ A-Xii.

Indeed, the photos indicate early love: Musk stuffed one chip after another into his mouth and Bassett adores Musk, who is dressed for the weather in a black outfit that would not look out of place for a theater technician.

In one of the paparazzo photos they are laughing really hard. †Belly laughs‘ will that be in the American gossip column Page Six called, good laugh from your stomach. Elon Musk makes a grand gesture with his hands at that moment. What the hell is he saying there? Something about Tesla? Twitter? Space travel? The world? The names of his children?

Musks’ relationship with his ex Grimes is, he says, “fluid.” Nobody knows what that is, but apparently it involves sitting on a terrace and having rosé and fries with someone else. Afterward, Musk and Bassett took a stroll on Cannes beach, Bassett wearing her high-heeled silver sandals the entire time.